TV Shows, Beads, and GetGlue, oh my!

And now, a slightly more personal entry.

TV Shows
For those who don’t know me very well, or simply forgot, I watch a ton of TV. This is not a test, or a joke, or a strange ploy to be relevant. I think there might be something on every channel that I love, and definitely something on every night. Common TV shows are now what I look for in a significant other; I make TV shows references to people who don’t watch them, and TV stars invade my dreams. Most recently, it was Alton Brown as a middle school teacher, I was his TA, and we were teaching math; I don’t even know why.

I’m at the point where it’s gotten pretty bad, and everyone knows it, but no one’s saying anything because they’re just glad it’s not drugs or alcohol. But deep down, my goal is to be the first person on Intervention, whose family and friends are concerned over her TV addiction. (Unless it’s already happened. I wouldn’t know, I don’t actually watch the show, XD)

Anyway, I want to talk about my recent obsessions on each day of the week.

The Walking Dead on AMC. I’ve said it, and I’ll say it again: Bear McCreary is one of my favourite composers. When I first heard of the show “The Walking Dead,” I didn’t pay that much attention. I mean, sure I loved Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead, but only those two, and mostly because they were hilarious. But then I learned that Bear was the composer for the music of The Walking Dead. I told my friend, “Damn, I’d watch it just for his music!” and I did. And I love both the music and the series. Amazing. The season finale is this Sunday! Excited!

Lie to Me on FOX. Such a brilliant show. I love Tim Roth so much now. When summer ended, and Lie to Me’s season finale finished, I put it to the back of my mind reluctantly because it was time for the fall season. But then whatever FOX had there failed miserably, Lie to Me came back and I rejoiced. It’s amazing.

NCIS on CBS. This is one of the few shows where I don’t hate any of the characters. I love Gibbs, I love Tony, I love McGee, I love Ziva, I love Abby and I love Ducky. I love that the character drama isn’t distracting from the case, and is often intertwined into the case itself. Just. Amazing. I even like watching reruns; it’s just amazing.

Psych on USA. Just. I want to somehow become Shawn and Gus. Yes. Both of them. The pop culture references, the hilarity, the crazy way they speak to people and each other. I love it all.

Community on NBC. Funniest show on TV, hands down. Community is all about the jokes that you don’t even realize are happening, or the ones that fly by and when you actually hear them, you laugh your face off. My only problem with it, is that I hate watching this live; I can’t pause my TV (unfortunately) and I actually do need to pause because I’m laughing so long, and I’m not just giggling, I’m cackling.

The Good Guys on FOX. I didn’t see the original series, seeing as my mom was thinking about going to sixth grade right around that time, but I’m loving this new series. It’s hilarious and amazing, and I love the partner dynamic between the two and the crazy cases they seem to catch. The more mundane the case starts, the more insane the case ends. I think it’s just brilliant.

Late Night
Craig Ferguson on CBS. I like Jay, I like Conan, I like Fallon. I can’t stand Dave or Kimmel, but I love Craig (a little too much). Craig is my kind of man. Craig is a nerd, a geek, a dork, and damn it if he isn’t pretty proud of that fact. He had a Doctor Who special for Gods sake. And the Mythbusters! I remember, when I first got really into the Mythbusters, thinking that I was probably never going to see them on a talk show. But he had them. I rarely dislike the people he’s had on, and all my favourite celebrities seem to come on his show. He doesn’t talk “Hollywood” with them; he talks genuinely. Like he actually gives a damn in what he’s asking and what the actors are going to say in response. My only problem is that I’m getting old in my 22 years of life, and I can’t stay up that late anymore without sleeping at work the next day.

Nothing on Saturday, because I don’t really watch Saturday Night Live anymore (unless I’m in love with the host); I just catch the highlights on Hulu later.

This past weekend, I visited one of my closest friends and we made beaded charms/jewelry (I don’t know of a better word?) for ideas for her church’s fundraiser. I hope my mom doesn’t read this, because I ended up making two really adorable dragonflies that I intend on giving to her for the holidays. I’m a little obsessed with it now; I went to my local bead supplier and bought enough to make charms for other relatives I know are going to be coming over. I hope they’ll like them; I’m really horrible at presents (at both giving and receiving, actually). I also want to make little roses for my grandmothers, who passed away this year.

I’ve been on a couple websites, but so far 3D Beading and Bead Jewelry Making are my favourites. I don’t like working with metal, so I’m not making earrings or complicated necklaces, but little beaded charms and animals. I just think they’re something that’s really adorable and simple to give away.

This post seems to be about obsessions, and this is no different. This amazing social networking site called GetGlue is like my second virtual home. I like to explain it like this: When FourSquare and Facebook Places came out, they were designed to use GPS and update your friends on where you happened to be. I frankly find this to be annoying – I don’t care where you are! I don’t care what your coordinates are, or where you’re snacking, or where the party is. I’m doing my own thing, and learning that you’re at the So-And-So Bar will not make me drop my things and come find you.

However, being the media-and-pop-culture junkie that I am, I would definitely be interested in knowing what you were watching, reading, or listening to. And thankfully, GetGlue came along and granted my wishes. At GetGlue, you “Like” things and based on those “Likes”, you are given suggestions on what else you may already like or what you may want to try liking. If you happen to be doing something at this time, you can Check In, just as you would with FourSquare and Places, with what you’re doing. Reading Harry Potter? Check in! Watching CSI? Check in! Watching Inception? Check in! And that’s not even the best thing about the service.

The best thing about the service is that it’s called GetGlue for a reason. Every time you earn a new achievement on the site, you get Stickers. And every time you earn 20 stickers, you fill out a form and GetGlue sends you your stickers for free. This is my favourite part about GetGlue, because I love stickers. I have ever since I was a wee little girl. If I could, I’d take all my stickers and roll around in them, the way you’d picture some rich guy rolling around in his money. Yes, I love them that much.

Plus, there are apps for the iOS (iPhone/iTouch/iPad) and the Android OS, where you can do nearly everything you can do on the website. Check in, rate, look at your profile, look at your stickers. How is this not the best website ever?

…oh my.
Yes, I scare myself sometimes too. In conclusion, I watch a lot of TV while making charms out of beads and rolling around in stickers. And you can too!