A Few of my Favourite Things: Webcomics

I read a lot of webcomics, and a lot of it is just really cute animals doing nonsensical stuff. Let me share some of my favoutites with you!

Beaver and Steve
Beaver and Steve: This one is an oldie, as it was put on an “indefinite hiatus” a couple years ago. Beaver is obviously the beaver, and Steve is the adorable spiky dinosaur! They get into hijinks and it’s just really cute.
Everyday Cute: More cute cats. Starring Pusheen (the grey striped kitty) and Carmen (the golden-coloured dog) as well as their owners, these cute critters have .gifs, plushies, and loads of comics to entertain anyone.
Pusheen valentine
Kawaii Not: This adorable webcomic shows cute things and their un-cute side, which is just equally as cute. I really loved this comic a couple years ago, lost track of it, and refound my love for it this year. It’s awesome!
Silent Kimbly: Another webcomic that’s on indefinite hiatus. A really cute comic which stars a monster (I think?) and his friends, and there are just a ton of wordplay and puns, which I will always love.
Silent Kimbly

That’s it for now! Do you have any favourite webcomics of your own? (Uhh, SFW webcomics, that is.)