Amigurumi Fun: Explained

So back in high school, a good six years ago, there was a giant fad that went around because retro was in, and that fad was knitting. Now, in elementary school, I would wear my grandma’s knitted sweaters and get laughed at, so when I heard that this was a fad, I basically laughed it off, even though I knew a bunch of people who got into it.

However, a couple years later, I heard of a cute crochet craze that started in Japan, and that is amigurumi. Wow, were those things a-freaking-dorable. But, I still had my hubris. I thought “Hey, I already thought it was something for grandmothers, I can’t go back on my words, just because of those cute stuffed animals!” So I held out.

Amigurumi examples

Amigurumi examples: They come in all shapes and sizes!

That is, until I got into Doctor Who later that year. Doctor Who basically took over my little freshman life, and when I came back home for the summer, my non-sci-fi friends knew me as “Doctor Who girl.” And I found, somewhere within the depths of the internet, that people made amigurumi Doctor Who dolls. And, by George, I had to have them. And yet it still wasn’t until years later that I finally looked past my own prejudices and joined the crocheting and amigurumi world, thanks to my dear friend Laura!

Ten Amigurumi

The doll that would change my crocheting life.

Now, I only started in late December/early January so I haven’t made a lot, and most of what I’ve made has been given away as gifts, but I can happily share my (crappy) pictures and (free) patterns I’ve accumulated!

Made by Me

Now, these were all taken by my phone, so I’m not expecting any photography awards for them, but they serve their purpose well!

  • Mine - alien/robot
  • Mine - ninja
  • Mine - regular mushroom
  • Mine - Mario mushroom
  • Mine - cat
  • Mine - owl
  • Mine - double Sheldon

  1. Made from Amigurumi Two! It was supposed to be a robot, but I made it using awesome, cool looking yarn that I wanted to buy, so he became an alien instead. His name is Ralph, and he’s all mine.
  2. Mr. Ninja! He was the second of two – he was given to my friend, Rebecca, and the other was never finished because the little headband tie is really hard!
  3. A “regular” mushroom out of Amigurumi Two. He’s so cute! I made him have a cute little heart patch on that widdle head of his.
  4. Now we’re starting to get into amigurumis made especially as gifts. This is the Mario Mushroom from a pattern on WolfDreamer‘s site (which is awesome, by the way). Really easy and fun to do! This was for Sarah ♥
  5. This cutie is a cat (if you can’t tell) and he was really easy and fun. I think I would suggest this pattern for people who don’t know how to crochet rounds well yet, because he was made from two crochet rectangles, and just really cute. His pattern is on the official Lion Brand website but you’ll need an account to see it. Gus was named and given to Marilyn!
  6. This owl (yes, it’s an owl) was also given to Rebecca, who hilariously is the only person who recognized it as an owl. Which is perfect, I guess! I can’t find where I found the pattern, which (again) might be for the best.
  7. And lastly, these two were made for two of my friends who are both huge Big Bang Theory fans – these two are both Sheldons! (And yeah, Sheldon is my favourite character too…) These were for Shayna and Andrew! The pattern for Sheldon (as well as Leonard, Penny, Howard and Raj) can be found here at Craftster, and you don’t need an account to see it!

Some Awesome (Free) Crochet Patterns

I would also really recommend going to Google and searching for “free amigurumi patterns” because you honestly will never know what you’ll find, and what you’ll be inspired by! As I finish future projects I’ll post more pictures, and I’ll share nerdy/cool amigurumi when I find them!