March Is Awesome 2011 #5

MIA '11

This is the First Annual March Is Awesome event! The amount to which I love my very own month of March is absurd; my birthday, my brother’s birthday, many of my friends’ birthdays, the beginning of spring, and much, much more! Will you join me in my celebration of March? Alright!

March 5th

In The Before Times: Samuel Colt makes the first production-model .34-caliber revolver in 1836. (And soon after that, he made The Colt that the Winchester brothers use to kill demons on Supernatural, am I right, fandom?)

Celebrity Birthdays: March 5th is Paul Blackthrone‘s birthday. Blackthrone, in addition to having the coolest last name, was Harry Dresden on The Dresden Files, and oh man, I really loved that show. Blackthrone is also a photographer and, might I say, really handsome.

What’s happening today?: In China, today is Xue Lei Feng (学雷锋) or Learn from Lei Feng Day. Lei Feng is a symbol of altruism; school and community events have people going to clean up parks and other locations. My mom just sang me a song she used to sing about Lei Feng when she was a kid!

As usual, if you know of any other exciting things happening today, feel free to leave them in the comments! Thanks for playing!