Ads and Tumblr crossposting

So the need to survive is growing greater than my pride and dignity, so I’ve signed up for Google AdWords. Now, now, don’t hate me yet; chances are, I won’t have time to implement this until the next layout change in six months (or so) so there won’t be ads yet. Just know that they will be here eventually.

Also, I’ve started a professional Tumblr (which can be found here), so if you’re on Tumblr, don’t be afraid to follow me!

I’m crossposting from Tumblr to WP and from WP to Tumblr, and I’m using two WordPress plugins for this. To take Tumblr posts and put them on WordPress, I’m using FeedWordpress which basically takes an RSS feed and posts it on your WordPress. To take my WordPress posts and put them on Tumblr, I’m using Tumblrize, which is a great plugin because all you have to do is put in your Tumblr email and your Tumblr password, and you’re basically done! It’s so easy to use and wonderful. Just like Tumblr itself!

In conclusion: Going to add ads soon, and crossposting to and from my Tumblr!