A Carmen Update

Yay! Some job updates! I’m working with MOVAAR, a non-profit, student movement, that give students learning experiences through mentoring, project development, and networking to create scholarships. I’m their graphic designer, and I’ve made some business cards, newsletters, fliers, color templates, etc. It’s very exciting!

I’ve also left my internship, sadly – they really were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I got a real job though! I’ve decided to apply for an admin/web design job at Australian Products Company, and while I didn’t actually get the position I wanted, I’m working really hard and the people there are really nice too (I’m fortunate that way) so I’m happy! Plus, like I said on Wednesday, I’m actually planning on getting an iMac as soon as I save enough money. I’m excited about that!

Last night, I went to my first Sharks game in about 15 years, and it was awesome! I had loads of fun, and the Sharks won (WOOHOO!). I don’t bleed teal and black yet, but it was definitely a good time! I’m just glad hockey is easy enough to understand; baseball and football confuse the stuffing out of me!

And that’s all that’s going on with me right now!