Happy March!

Happy March, everyone! The new blog look is updated and I think it looks pretty spiffy. The background I got from here: Pattern8.com. I also fixed up the front “splash” page of my website. I really like handwriting font. Image maps are a new thing, but it wasn’t too hard, so I’m happy!

On the Daily Post page, there was a page called “Zero to Hero,” which had a bunch of blogging assignments, but it was taken down yesterday, for revamping. However, I managed to save a PDF, and I’m working on the first day, which is to introduce yourself.

So here goes nothing!

My name is Carmen, and I’m an aspiring graphic designer. I’m an average mid-20s, out of college with a degree in Fine Arts/Graphic Design gal, looking for The Job. You know, that one job that will make all those years of school, hard work, and probing questions from your friends and family worth it. I’m looking for a challenging, exciting, fun entry level job that will teach me the ropes of being a professional graphic designer, but right now, I’m doing what I can to survive. It’s hard.

This is me!

This is me!

Blog-wise, I like to browse design, art, and nerdy websites for cute inspirations, which is what I’ll be doing here. I like reading what other people find interesting. I also like blogging because I like to answer questions and create lists. I love writing, though I’m clearly not the best; I’m not articulate, but boy, do I love expressing myself and my opinion. As long as there’s something I want to say, I’ll say it, embarrassment and shame be damned! (Though, I’m sure those will come later.)

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine has some amazing lists of beautiful, inspiring websites and typography.

In my personal life, I have many hobbies. I like to crochet, and make adorable gifts for my friends. I love looking for Photoshop tutorials to give me new techniques on my work. I’m also planning on starting PHP and HTML/CSS classes, as I love learning new code and refreshing my memory on old code. I have a lot of great friends, many who have known me for way too long and have way too much dirt on my personal life. I have an adorable boyfriend named Taylor and we like to watch dumb shows like Archer, Supernatural and The League.

With Friends in Vegas

Here I am with a couple of friends in Vegas! It’s our first big trip together!

Taylor and I

This is Taylor and I on vacation at the beginning of the year at Universal Studios. Yeah. We’re pretty cute.

And that’s it, I think! I want my blog to sound like I’m having a conversation with an old buddy. I’d like to get to know more people, those who may be interested in the same things I am. Please let me know if you like the same things I like (and don’t feel shy to voice your opinions if you disagree). Honestly, my inspiration for the blog is probably something like Nerdist because I basically love Chris Hardwick, but that’s a conversation for another day.