March Is Awesome 2011 #30

MIA '11

This is the First Annual March Is Awesome event! The amount to which I love my very own month of March is absurd; my birthday, my brother’s birthday, many of my friends’ birthdays, the beginning of spring, and much, much more! Will you join me in my celebration of March? Alright!

March 30th

Celebrity Birthdays: Today, Jason Dohring and MC Hammer share a birthday. Jason Dohring was a regular on Moonlight as well as Veronica Mars, and I want him back on my TV screen, pronto! And of course MC Hammer is famous for his song “U Can’t Touch This” as well as his Hammer Pants. What would the 80s have done without him, seriously?

What’s happening today?: Today is National Doctors’ Day in the US! Most doctors are amazing human beings, with an affinity for saving people’s lives. With the exception of House, of course.

As usual, if you know of any other exciting things happening today, feel free to leave them in the comments! Thanks for playing!