March Is Awesome 2011 #31

MIA '11

This is the First Annual March Is Awesome event! The amount to which I love my very own month of March is absurd; my birthday, my brother’s birthday, many of my friends’ birthdays, the beginning of spring, and much, much more! Will you join me in my celebration of March? Alright!

March 31st

In The Before Times: In 1994, the Nature journal reports the finding in Ethiopia of the first complete Australopithecus afarensis skull.

Celebrity Birthdays: So many birthdays today! Actors Ewan McGregor, Al Gore, Christopher Walken, Tony Cox, and William Daniels all share a birthday today. I loved McGregor since the Star Wars Trilogies, and though those movies will always be ridiculed, I will probably always love him as the young Obi-Wan. Gore, of course, was a Vice President, and a huge advocate for environmentalism. I feel like Walken needs no introduction, but he is an actor who has more than 100 films to his name, including Pulp Fiction, Sleepy Hallow, Hairspray and has hosted SNL numerous times. Cox is a little person, who played the little elf Marcus on Bad Santa, and had a guest role on Psych; I’ve only seen him on Psych, but he was fabulous. Daniels played Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World, and I really loved that show growing up; he’ll always be Mr. Feeny to me! Also celebrating his birthday today is Craig McCracken who is the creator of The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. I liked PPG, but I really loved Foster’s! And finally, Thai actress Yanin Vismistananda starred in one of my brother’s favourite movies, Chocolate. (You’ll know why this is important if you read further.)

What’s happening today?: In some states in the US, today is Cesar Chavez Day! A couple of my friends get the day off today, and they are lucky. (Though, I know some of them didn’t get President’s Day off….)

Other: Today is my younger male sibling’s birthday. That kid was born two years, two days, and twelve hours after me. Not only that, but I was late, and he was early. What a crazy coincidence, am I right? He’s in Afghanistan right now; he’s a Lance Corporal in the Marines. I get to see him in June, when he goes back to Hawai’i! :3 Happy birthday, dude!

As usual, if you know of any other exciting things happening today, feel free to leave them in the comments!

This is the last March Is Awesome until next year. Thank you so much for bearing with me while I filled your RSS with MIA posts. Until next year!