Long week behind me

This week has been a stupidly long week.

My great-uncle, Judson Chu, passed away on in his sleep between Sunday night and Monday morning. He was a US Vetern, and he, along with my great-aunt (who passed away in mid-2013), was the main reason my family was able to immigrate from China. For this I am eternally grateful. He was close to his 92nd birthday, so he lived a good, long life; we will just have to celebrate his life for him this weekend.

Because his funeral is this weekend, I cancelled my plans which was stressful because I wanted to sell the tickets I had, but eventually I gave up and stopped caring about the money.

I also just found out my trainer, who I’ve been with since mid-2011, is moving onto a better job and while I’m happy for him, I feel like I’m losing a good friend.

A good friend of mine told me a harrowing story about one of her friends and I don’t want to post any details, but it reminded me of my dear brother; I haven’t had time to visit him as often as I would like.

On top of all that, work has been so busy this week; my coworker and I have been working on templates and color stories all week.

I feel like I could sleep for all of next week and still not have enough rest.

I’m going to end on a good note though, so I’ll add that I got lunch with my boyfriend today and I treated myself to some cotton candy limeade!

Cotton Candy!

Doesn’t cotton candy just make everything better?