Bullet Journal for July

I saw Sowmya last Thursday and she really liked my bullet journal, so I decided I wanted to show off my spread for July!

But first a little history!

The Bullet Journal system is a simple journal system to sort out priorities and to-do lists. I have recently talked about the bullet journal system on my blog and the WTW podcast. July was my first month trying the bullet journal system, and the best part about it is, is that it’s flexible. You don’t waste any notebook or planner space on lines for a to-do list that you’ll never use. It’s so easy! Here’s the video:

My improvised system is a combination of a bullet journal, a brain dump journal, and a journal for note-taking. I’m basically using one notebook for everything. I love gridded notebooks, so for my first bullet journal experiment, I decided to get this National one on Amazon. It was too big, so I turned it sideways, and just split the page in two columns. I also put in a envelope for a sticker pocket! Because you gotta have stickers for planning!

I decided July’s color was blue, and the theme was arrows. I took a monthly spread I mentioned in my stationery post and taped it in for any future planning I needed to do. Anything more than a month away I put in my online calendar. On the bottom is a standard bullet journal month list with dates and days of the week, and next to that is my “Tasks” list. On the bottom I put a “Wants” list, but I decided not to include that for August. I liked having it in one place, but it’s unnecessary, and I found I needed more room for “Tasks.”

I was watching other planning videos, and someone had an “Expenses” page and I thought this would be the most effective way for me to keep track of how I spent my money. It really helped! For August, I’m going to try to color code the expenses to figure out what was necessary and what wasn’t. I had a “Goals” box and a “Schedule” box but neither were needed, so for next month, I’m just going to have expand “Expenses”. I already had to expand “Expenses” for July, so I’m hoping, for August, I stick to one. I also wanted to do an “Expense Planning” page but decided not to do that.

For July, I tried to stick the dates and plans on the left, and my notes or journal on the left. For August, I’m just going to keep it all under the same date. In mid-July, I started putting the weekly spreads in there too. For August, instead of having it on a separate page, I’m putting it together on the same page to save room. Sometimes, there are just random notes on the top.

I also included my legend for July; as the days went on I found I needed different icons and I wanted a daily blog checklist, so I made a new one for August (and beyond).

Anyway, I’ve covered up anything too personal so, finally, here is my July spread!