New work up!

I just finished and added my menu for a fake restaurant called Dex’s Cafe.


Short background: Jason Momoa, the actor shown on the second page under the “Did You Know?” section played a character named Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis, which, hopefully you know by now, is (still) my favourite TV show. A month ago, while I was itching to design a menu, I thought “What if Ronon lived on earth, opened up a restaurant, and cooked in it?” So, yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I know you can’t read the Chef Specials, but there’s Satedan BBQ, Teyla’s Pasta, Sheppard’s Pie and McKay’s Beefcake, which are all references to other characters on the show.

It was super fun to think of menu items, write descriptions, and look for food pictures. And now, of course, I want to print it and actually GO to it, but, haha, actually since I’m a vegetarian, I can’t actually eat that much at this restaurant. Irony? Well, I’m in the works of making a menu for a vegetarian restaurant, so maybe I can pretend to go to that instead. Ha!