Crisis averted

I accidentally replaced my splash page with my index page and, let’s just say, chaos ensued. It was my first web design emergency! I welcomed it with open arms…after I figured out the solution. Ha!

Anyway, my amazing cousin sent me a link to this hilarious, cringe-worthy site called Clients From Hell, which has just re-opened my eyes to the horrors of my aspiring job. There was also iStockHell, which was really great and had horrific stock photos, but unfortunately, it was taken down in December.

SGA Posters!

Just added some posters I did for Stargate Atlantis, which were inspired by existing movie posters. I love these posters, especially the Outcast/Social Network and the McKay and Mrs. Miller/Moon crossovers. Two of my favourite episodes!

I’m working on something with my friend Jade at the moment that has me really, really excited, and I hope to be posting some more projects soon!

I also want to be posting more than website updates here, so I hope you enjoy it!

First post!

All the pages and images were uploaded! I just have to fill with content now and hope it doesn’t take forever. I found it fun to look at all my projects from school, but a little depressing because that’s all that’s in my portfolio right now. I hope to create and do more, worthy of a website!