2018 Bullet Journal Flip Through, 2019 Notebook Setup

I posted a new video on my bullet journal of 2018 and my notebook system, and also my new 2019 bullet journal/notebook system. I had recorded this at the end of December, but still hadn’t uploaded it in mid-January. My boss gave me an awesome planner for 2019, so I decided to stick that in too.

Please let me know what you think! The area where I’m recording is near my fish tank, so you can hear water the whole time. But that’s where I can record right now, so I’ll figure something out!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It has been many years since my last post, and one of my late-year goals last year was to start blogging again. Just coincidentally, I’m procrastinating, which is the perfect time to start blogging again!

Today, being the first day of the month and the first day of the year, I’m posting my Monthly Scrapbook for December 2018, as well as a fun video of some of the good times from all of 2018. I travelled a lot, and had a lot of fun with friends! 2018 I turned 30, along with a lot of my friends, so it was nice to branch out into the world to celebrate my birthday.

Anyway! Here’s my Monthly Scrapbook for December 2018:

Here are the details for each of the pictures:

Top Left: I started a travel journal! I love it a lot!
Middle Left: I had this gigantic bagel, it was delicious.
Bottom Left: Taylor got me this Santa Clarita Diet canvas for Christmas, I love it!!
Top Right: Taylor and I went to the Dickens Fair, it was a lot of fun!
Bottom Right: my mom and I went to Death Valley, it was so gorgeous!

And here’s my fun slideshow/movie for the good times of all of 2018:

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I will admit this is a scheduled post; I’m probably off having dinner with Taylor right now at La Fondue in Saratoga. It’s really good, but fondue’s not really my thing. I’ll share what I bought Taylor for Valentine’s this year!

Valentine's Day presents

So I got him the Fiasco booklet and two different colored sets of 12 dice (d6). He has a lot of d6’s already, I think, but I didn’t know how to ask if they’re all the same color, so I just got him more. Whatever. I also got him Batman cufflinks because we’ve been playing the Arkham series together. I was actually going to get Arkham Origins or Knight but I couldn’t tell if he already had it or not… Lastly, I got him some cookies and cream candies because it’s his favourite candy. :)

Finally, here’s the card I got him: I Love Your Stupid Face by Emily McDowell :)

I didn’t get him anything last year so I hope this makes up for it!

Cute Wednesday: Cows!

On our podcast episode this week, we talk about animals, and I posted a picture of a Scottish Highland Cattle; cows are one of my favourite animals so this post is dedicated to cows!

Here’s a Scottish Highland Cattle; they are a type of cow that started out in Scotland, and just the cutest!
Scottish Highland Cattle

Next is an adorable picture I saw on Cute Overload, cows in coats! So cute!
Cows in Coats!

And here’s a picture my boyfriend shared with me, a cow that looks like his hair was blowdried and is all fluffy!

My love of cows started with Harvest Moon; with this cute cow:
Harvest Moon Cow

And my love of cows has only been enhanced over the years. Does that make me a weirdo? Probably.