Apologies for the abrupt delay

Real life has gotten a hold of me again.

My internship is getting busier now that the big fundraiser is approaching. Lots of things to do, including updating and adding new pages to the program, designing a logo for the organization’s blog, and designing some plaques/award certificates for the donors and the school districts. Nothing too fancy, but enough projects to keep me busy. I’ve also applied to a couple jobs here and there, but again, helping out at the internship has been keeping me pretty busy.

In blog news, I’ve decided to have theme days! I love theme parties (as long as I can find something to wear, anyway), so why not transfer them to my blog, where, technically, it should be an extension of myself. I was thinking like, Design Tuesday, Cute Wednesday, Sculpture Thursday, stuff like that, and then on Sunday or something, have like a general “what’s going on in my life” day. I feel like this will give me more structure to go off of, so I know what to post and stuff like that.

In my personal life, since the middle of June, I’ve been going to the gym and training with a trainer. If you told a younger me, even one from a year ago, that I would be doing this today, I’d not only laugh in your face, but probably also check you for signs of mental illness. However, I’m relatively happy (though sore) and my trainer is super nice, and I’m going to the gym with my friend (who helped me sign up), so I feel like an adult. Which is cool and weird at the same time. I’m eating meat again, which sucks, but health is more important than principles right now, isn’t it?

I also just went to my first LGBT wedding out in Yosemite over the weekend. One of my very old friends (we’ve known each other for 11 years now) just married her partner, and it was just such a beautiful and adorable wedding. I hope you guys have a long and happy marriage, Shawna and Stacey! ♥ This is the second friend wedding I’ve been to, and boy, do I feel like I’m getting old.

And finally, there was some business with my brother, and it feels like the media over here is hounding us when we just don’t want to talk. On one hand, I understand that it’s their job, but on the other, I honestly don’t think they care for our privacy at all. This is all just really hard, and they aren’t helping at all. I’d say some rude words to express just how angry I am, but it wouldn’t help anyone’s case.

Anyway, sorry again for the mini-hiatus. I’ll start posting stuff now!

Busy, busy, busy!

Again, apologies. This blog had to be put on the back-burner while I was getting reacquainted with Real Life stuff. I’m doing work stuff (times two) and planning on going to a Yosemite wedding all in one day and I just feel a little stressed. On top of that, I’m half-sick because of my allergies.

Anyway, China pictures have been sorted through, but I have no time to post them! I’m going to start my Inspiration of the Days again, and just post the China pics when I’m done.

I have some big news! I’ve started as a Graphic/Web Design Intern at a startup non-profit called MOVAAR. It’s an inspiring non-profit where students can help out other students in developing countries enroll in higher education, as well as help students who are already abroad gain scholarships. I’m not totally confident in my skills (but I’m willing to learn and grow, as everyone should be) so I’m only trying this out on a trial basis, but I’m excited! I feel like this is finally something I can do without it being too difficult to reach the unbelievably high standards that are usually set.

And at my old internship, I’m doing less graphic design jobs and more tutoring and supervising graphic design jobs which I don’t really feel like I’m qualified to do, and it’s not my first choice in jobs, but I don’t really have a choice seeing as I’m not exactly getting paid. (Yes, still.)

Anyway, enough grumbling! I’m probably going to delete My Flavor of Fandom until next year – I think half a year of not doing your New Year’s Resolution is long enough for me.