Back from China

Hello everybody! I’m back and all shiny from China. It was an amazing but exhausting trip, and while that’s not the best combination, it’s certainly better than a crappy and exhausting one! I have pictures, but I will wait until next week to share them – it’s going to take a while to compile and put together!

Meanwhile, I can say that I’ve read fair share of books, including several mystery novels starring a high school teacher and his baseball playing boyfriend. They’re really good, especially since I’m a huge fan of gay characters and mysteries. The series is simply called “Tom & Scott Mysteries” and they’re by Mark Richard Zubro. I read the first two: A Simple Suburban Murder and Why Isn’t Becky Twitchell Dead? I found the mysteries really compelling, and the pauses for couple stuff between Tom and Scott are completely adorable.

I also read some awesome teen summer romance books by Hailey Abbot. The books are kind of predictable, and some of the protagonists got on my nerves, but they’re super sweet and good for a fun, no-nonsense read. Like I said, I read several of them: Forbidden Boy, Getting Lost with Boys, The Other Boy, Waking Up to Boys, The Perfect Boy. My favourite one might be Getting Lost with Boys; it was just way too cute a story. The Other Boy has this hilarious scene where the slightly spoiled brat of a protagonist cooks a meal and it turns out so horribly wrong, that you just can’t help laughing. Brilliant.

I also watched three movies on the plane ride back. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is a story of two men in love with the same girl. I won’t give anything away, only that the guy I was rooting for totally got his lady. (Oh yeah!) It was much better than “normal romantic comedies” since I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to keep you guessing who the girl will pick in the end. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. /chickflicks

I also finally watched Despicable Me and wow, yeah, I totally should’ve watched that movie earlier. The minions were so cute and the story is really good. Did that make a lot of money? That should’ve made a lot of money. And the last movie I saw was called Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow; the summary I read, which got me watching it, said that Detective K is “Korea’s answer to Sherlock Holmes.” Me on my mystery kick, I watched it and thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of it. The comedy is very apparent in acting, and the story was intricate enough to keep you guessing. And the twist at the end was genius! I’m not sure if this character was an actual literary character, or if the character was made up recently, but I thought it seemed very genuine and fun.

More on China next week!

Amigurumi Fun: Crochet miscellany pouch

Okay, so this isn’t technically amigurumi (since amigurumi implies little stuffed animals) but I made this pattern all by myself (it shows) for stuff that keep bouncing around my purse, getting lost.

miscellany pouch

It’s light blue and dark blue, and I think it’s cute. It totally fits my DSi XL, too, which is awesome. It was fun making it up as I went! I wanted to put a button and then extend the thread so it would loop around the button, like those string envelopes, but alas, I couldn’t find my buttons.