January Monthly Scrapbook

Here’s my Monthy Scrapbook for January! Kinda boring picture-wise, but a pretty fun month!

Top Left: Taylor got me a Cricut Explore Air 2! I played around with it a little bit!
Top Right: A simply gorgeous sunrise at the train station 😍
Middle Left: I bought myself a glass dip pen a couple months ago, and my mom made this adorable box for it!
Bottom Left: I cut mah hurrr 💇🏻‍♀️ #shorthairclub
Bottom Right: Taylor and I walked around downtown San Jose, and we saw this cool art installation!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It has been many years since my last post, and one of my late-year goals last year was to start blogging again. Just coincidentally, I’m procrastinating, which is the perfect time to start blogging again!

Today, being the first day of the month and the first day of the year, I’m posting my Monthly Scrapbook for December 2018, as well as a fun video of some of the good times from all of 2018. I travelled a lot, and had a lot of fun with friends! 2018 I turned 30, along with a lot of my friends, so it was nice to branch out into the world to celebrate my birthday.

Anyway! Here’s my Monthly Scrapbook for December 2018:

Here are the details for each of the pictures:

Top Left: I started a travel journal! I love it a lot!
Middle Left: I had this gigantic bagel, it was delicious.
Bottom Left: Taylor got me this Santa Clarita Diet canvas for Christmas, I love it!!
Top Right: Taylor and I went to the Dickens Fair, it was a lot of fun!
Bottom Right: my mom and I went to Death Valley, it was so gorgeous!

And here’s my fun slideshow/movie for the good times of all of 2018:

Monthly Scrapbook: August 2016

The month has gone by so now it’s time for the Monthly Scrapbook!

Here’s an explanation of the pictures!

  • Top Left – Chip Trying! My coworkers and I got together and tried the new Lays chips! We all really liked the Greek tzatziki chips and were all really disappointed in the Brazillian picanha chips.
  • Top Right – Eyelashes! I tried on lashes for the very first time and even filmed it! You can watch that video here.
  • Middle Right – Hiking with Taylor! For the first time that we’ve been together, Taylor and I went on a hike! It was really hot but it was a nice experience!
  • Middle Left – Work Fire Drill! We had a fire drill at work and we got a little break before our usual break time!
  • Bottom Left – New Phone! I finally, finally got my new phone! I love it so much! You can watch a video of me talking about it on my podcast here!
  • Bottom Right – Night Out in Downtown! Taylor and I went out to watch a movie at night and we decided to take a walk around downtown San Jose before doing that! It was really nice out, and we took some silly pictures :)

Monthly Scrapbook: July 2016

The month has gone by so now it’s time for the Monthly Scrapbook

Here’s an explanation of the pictures!

  • Top Left – Sowmya, Tanya, and Cindy! I met and recorded with Sowmya’s friends, Tanya and Cindy! It was so much fun!
  • Top Right – Diana’s Japan Souvenir! My lovely friend Diana went to Japan and she got me this awesome face mask with Iron Man and Captain America!
  • Middle – Green Lipstick! I love this green lipstick I got from Colourpop. You can watch my video review here!
  • Bottom Left – Sowmya and Kat! I met and recorded with Sowmya’s coworker Kat! It was also a lot of fun meeting her! Sowmya has amazing friends, including yours truly ;)
  • Bottom Right – Monterey! Taylor and I went to Monterey, it was so much fun! I love Monterey :D