My Recencies for August 7th-13th


Another week, another My Recencies post! Every week, I update what I’ve been doing, listening to, watching, reading, etc.; this is what I call “My Recencies”! Here is what I did this week!


I got a freelance project working on a menu. I’m excited for this opportunity! I was working on this on and off all week so it’s a little sparse.

  • Saturday – Taylor’s friend John is in an adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and we went to go see it! I also brought along one of my friends, Scott, because I hadn’t seen him in a while. It was nice catching up with him! It has been a while since I’ve read Midsummer, so the only thing I remembered about the story is that it’s an old school romcom. There was lots of singing and dancing, and this adaptation was set in a school! It was super fun!
  • Tuesday – Episode 30 of WTW Podcast was posted! It’s a mailbag episode, so Sowmya and I answer questions from our friends.


  • Comedy Death Ray/Comedy Bang Bang – This week, I listened to #59 with Paul F. Tompkins, Todd Glass, and Andy Daly; Andy Daly played a hilarious German tourist and I just love Paul F. Tompkins in everything. I also listened to #60 with Donald Glover, Jessica St. Clair, and Brendan Walsh; Jessica St. Clair played an intern that hit on everyone in the room and it got pretty explicit and it was hilarious.
  • The Champ Podcast – New podcast for me! In this podcast, Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher talk to a different black celebrity each episode. I decided to give this a try because I love Moshe Kasher a lot! It is really funny so far, and I’ve only listened to the first two episodes.
  • Criminal – This week, I listened to an episode called “Pearl Bryan,” which was a great story about a woman who got an illegal abortion and was killed because something went wrong. That’s not new (unfortunately), but what made her a story is that she has a folk song about her story. There was a really great modern version of the song at the end!
  • The Dollop – This week, I listened to “George Spencer,” which was about two men and their alleged relationships with animals in the early Victorian era (I think it was Victorian?), and “Comet Panic,” which was a great collection of stories about different eras of people freaking out about Halley’s Comet.
  • The Fogelnest Files – This week I listened to the episode with Liz Lee, who I just learned is an MTV star. I thought she sounded pretty cool! Also I looked her up because I didn’t know who she was, and she has amazing and beautiful (but fake) red hair.
  • Hound Tall – New podcast for me! Similar to Professor Blastoff and Today We Learned, this podcast is a combination knowledge and comedy podcast! Comedian Moshe Kasher hosts a panel, that includes an expert from the field they’re about to discuss and two other comedians (Moshe is in the panel too), in front of a live audience at the UCB in LA (at least the ones I’ve heard have been in LA). It is really funny!
  • The Indoor Kids – This week I listened to “The Comic-Con Episode” during which Emily and Kumail documented their trip at Comic Con (in 2012 or 2013 I think).
  • Professor Blastoff – This week I listened to #5 about sleep and #6 about DNA. Both were really interesting, and I particularly enjoyed “Sleep” because they discussed dreams and working while drowsy and groggy.
  • Risk! – this week I listened to “Messssy” and “Live from Brown/RISD” which were both really good. I particularly enjoyed “Live from Brown/RISD” because these were just students and they had such great story-telling abilities. I really liked the first girl’s story about helping her uncle’s dog give birth!
  • Sklarbro Country – This week I listened to #5 with Nick Thune and #6 with John Dore and Chris Cox. Chris Cox played Tiger Woods during a sketch about his affairs (this was an oooooold episode), and it was a really funny. Give it a listen!
  • Spontaneanation – This week I listened to “Dracula’s Bedroom”, and I like where they headed with it. Too funny!
  • Superego – This week I listened to episodes 3:3 and 3:4. Patton Oswalt guested on a couple of these improv sketches, and they were really funny!
  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour – This week I listened to a Cactoid Jim episode called “Good Jim,” two Beyond Belief episodes called “Making Spirits Fight” and “The Devil You Know”, as well as a Behind The Scenes episode with Acker and Blacker. I liked learning about the background of Acker and Blacker, and I really liked Cactoid Jim’s episode (even though I’m not the biggest Cactoid Jim fan).
  • Today We Learned – This week I listened to “Jay Duplass,” and I learned that OJ Simpson almost played the role of the Terminator!
  • Welcome To Nightvale – This week I listened to “PYRAMID” and “Feral Dogs.” I really liked “PYRAMID” because I always love it when things just appear randomly in Nightvale and they don’t know what to do. This time they tried shooting at it!
  • Who Charted – This week I listened to episodes “Jason Nash” and “Chris Fairbanks”. What I really love is hearing the top 5 music and movies from that week even though it’s old. It’s kinda nostalgic! Sometimes I’ll even discover what was popular; in one of the episodes, they did a top 5 hip-hop songs, and I hadn’t even heard of the number one song. Weird!
  • You Made It Weird – This week I listened to Sara Schafer’s episode, and it was really sweet when she was talking about her mom and I was totally not crying at work, nope.


  • @midnight – This week I really enjoyed Tuesday’s episode with Julie Klausner, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Jonah Ray! I love any time they have Jonah or Matt on, or when they have Thug Life or Hug Life, and this episode has both!
  • Blue Bloods -I’m finally on new episodes I didn’t catch while it was airing. I’m on Season 4 now, and I like Danny’s new partner! She’s got gorgeous eyes!
  • Domics – I started watching these cute videos because of a video on Reddit, and I quickly fell in love with his comic style but also his storytelling. He kind of reminded me of my brother, and he really inspired me to do what I love because he’s doing what he loves and is making money from it!


My carb game was too strong this week.

  • Cafe 152 Burger – We went here before the play on Saturday, and it was pretty good! Taylor got these loaded fries, I got a giant burger, and Scott got sweet potato fries. All was good!
  • High Five Pizza – My friend Abbey works here, and my friend Julie and I went to go visit her! I was especially happy because the last time I saw her was at her wedding, so it was awesome to catch up! And it’s always nice seeing Julie :-*
  • Kotetsu Ramen – This ramen place is so delicious! You need to try their appetizers, they are so tasty! Taylor and I have eaten a bunch of fried things (on different occasions!) and they have all somehow been super juicy and the crust was perfectly crunchy and everything was just perfection.
  • Mod Pizza – This just opened near our neighborhood, so we went to check it out! It’s quick, personalized thin crust pizzas that are made-to-order. Kinda like a Chipotle for pizzas!

Everything Else

I’m still using all the apps I was using in my original post so I won’t repeat myself.

  • I just launched my Facebook page! Please like my page! I will be adding it to the sidebar soon, and there’s a lot I still have to do, but I was working on the logo and the banner for a while and I finally just gave up because I’m always gonna be wanting to tweak it, so I should just keep it as it is.
  • Taylor and I are playing Batman: Arkham Knight. I say “we’re” playing it, but he’s playing it and I’m watching and giving suggestions. I have a long history of starting games and never finishing them, and I usually suck at things like fighting or puzzles, so it’s pretty great having someone who does those things for me. I just wanna see the story! It’s really fun so far!
  • I am planning on going to Disneyland in September! (Maybe twice!) Taylor and I are going for the Halloween decorations, and they start on September 11th this year. You guys should check it out if you can! One of my coworkers told me you can dress up (there are restrictions) and trick-or-treat too!
  • You can catch my start on hand-lettering in the blog post here! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do any this week because I was so busy.
  • You can also read about my love for animals here; two posts in one day!

That’s everything for this week, guys! Hope you enjoyed your week, and liked a glimpse at mine!

My Love for Animals

Yet another topic from My Facts post! This time, I want to talk about animals!

As a child, I was an animal junkie. I took in as much animal information as my little brain could handle. We didn’t have cable, so my brother and I would watch every other channel that we could understand. As a result, we watched ton of PBS, and Zoboomafoo and Kratt’s Creatures were staples for us. I can’t remember how we found them or what they were called, but there were these animal books and pamphlets that we read every night. I’m sure it was super annoying for my grandparents and parents to read it over and over again to us. We borrowed a ton of books from the library and went to zoos as often as we could. Our favourite animal was probably the tiger. (True story, I used to have a tiger poster over my bed until middle of college.)

We had some animals as children but not your average cats and dogs. When we were little, my maternal grandparents lived with us, and my grandma hated cats and dogs and rodents. We somehow had a tortoise and we had it for a while, but we woke up one morning, and a cat or some other animal had gotten to it, and it had died in the night. My grandpa cooked it that night and made soup; I remember being really disgusted that we were eating a deceased pet and not wanting to eat it. We also had a rooster and I remember petting it while it ate the food we gave it. I can’t remember what happened to it, but we probably ate it too. We also won some goldfish from a faire or festival or something, and we had one that lived for over 10 years. It was a giant goldfish when it died!

Nowadays, I wouldn’t call myself a junkie but I’m definitely still an animal lover! I still find animal facts wherever I can; there’s a great subreddit called r/awwducational. Did you know hippos sweat pink, and are closely related to whales and porpoises? And I still love going to zoos, especially those that are humane and promote conservation! The SF zoo is a great example; I’m not sure about the other animals, but I learned that some of the giraffes travel to breed, and some babies are even brought back to Africa to replenish the giraffe population! Which is a great segue to my next topic: my favourite wild animals now are giraffes! They are majestic and have the most adorable eyes and I just love watching them. They are the best, period. My favourite domesticated animals are cows and cats. I think cows have some of the prettiest eyes and cats are just adorable butt heads. But I also find snakes cute! And dogs! And hedgedogs and pigs and snow leopards and…you get the jist. I really, really love animals.

As of right now, my household is still fur-free. I’d like to own dogs one day, and I would be proud to grow old as a crazy cat lady. We owned 2 chinchillas for about 3 years; they just passed away this summer. It was really hard when we lost them and I miss them often. We aren’t totally pet-free though; we still have some goldfish! There’s about 5-6 in a giant tank.

I believe in animal conservation, and I think, if I had been better in science, I would have gone in that direction, career-wise. I used to be vegetarian because, as you can imagine, loving cows as much as I do, it was hard to eat beef without feeling a little guilty. I have now since reverted to eating meat but I still feel a little guilty sometimes, and avoid eating too much beef.

This was probably too much information all at once but I hope that provided a little more insight into what I like and what I’m interested in! Thanks for reading!

My Recencies: July 31st – August 6th


Another week, another My Recencies post! As part of my revamp of my blog, every week I’m going to update what I’ve been doing, listening to, watching, reading, etc.; this is what I’m going to call “My Recencies”! This is what I’ve done this week!


I did a lot of blog work this week! I got really motivated to share my experiences this week, and I’m trying to think of a better name for my blog, but I really like having my name as my domain because it was one of my life goals from when I was a wee teenager. I have more to share this next week so I hope you like what I’ve done so far! I made a pretty awesome title card for the My Recencies posts (at the top of the page)! I also started handlettering, a new hobby!

  • Saturday – I went to the Santa Clara county fair with my mom! Turns out she had never been before, *and* had never tried a funnel cake so I defintely had to change that! I also started a 30 Day Journal challenge with Sowmya because why not get our creativity flowing together and cheer each other on! The link to my 30 Day Challenge is further down. I also started my August bullet journal!
  • Tuesday – I posted Episode 29 of WTW Podcast; Sowmya and I talk about beauty products and our routines and what we’d like to try, and what we love! I also included the time to which you can skip if you don’t like girls talking about that kind of thing. This night, Taylor and I went to one of our favourite BBQ places and the host was like “…Oh hey guys! Welcome back!” and we were like “oh crap, we can never come back here, they’re starting to remember our faces!” but I’m trying to reason that he must say that to everyone. Right? …Right?


I didn’t add anything new to Spotify, though I have been using it to meditate with my Stop, Breathe, & Think app so it’s nice! Here are the podcasts I’ve been listening to:

  • Comedy Death Ray/Comedy Bang Bang – a radio podcast hosted by comedian Scott Aukerman, he has guests on and he interviews them! Sometimes the guests are characters, sometimes the guests are real people, but all the time it’s funny. This week, I listened to #57 with Brian Posehn and James Adomian, and #58 with Rob Huebel and Steel Panther.
  • Criminal – a podcast about different crimes, criminals, and victims of crimes. This was perfect for a crime junkie like me. The episode I listened to was called “Triassic Park”; it was a really interesting story about the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, and the thefts that occur there.
  • The Dollop – an American history podcast where one comedian, Dave Anthony, reads a story from history to another comedian, Gareth Reynolds, who knows nothing about it beforehand. Hands down, this is one of my three favourite podcasts of all time. Of all time! This week, I listened to #57 about Eric Red, and #58 about Lenny Dykstra.
  • Everything Is Stories – a combination between an interview and a storytelling, this podcast believes that everyone has a story, and goes to interview some extremely interesting people. The episode I listened to was called “Vanished Status” and it was about a protestor in the 60s who was falsely accused of starting a fire during a protest, and given 5 years in jail for it, so he changed his identity. His story is a fascinating one, but it really instilled in me the fact I could probably never be a fugitive.
  • The Fogelnest Files – a podcast where the host, Jake Fogelnest, shows weird or hard-to-find clips from pop culture, and they talk about it. This week I listened to #3 with Jon Hendren and #4 with Steve Agee and Horatio Sanz.
  • The Indoor Kids – a video game podcast hosted by comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon who are both hilarious and amazing! This week I listened to “Gaming School with Adam Sessler.”
  • Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show – comedian Kevin Pollak has a chat show where he talks to people (usually celebrities). This week I listened to #3 with Jim Gaffigan, and #4 with Joe Mantegna.
  • The Memory Palace – stories from history told beautifully by the podcast’s creator, Nate DiMeo. This week I listened to “400,000 Stars” and “The Glowing Orbs”.
  • The Moth – stories told by people that are usually hilarious or extremely sad. The only thing I don’t like is there’s only one a week. This week I listened to “Fathers” and “Nicole Kear and Christy Kent.”
  • The Mutant Season – an interview podcast where a kid (I think he’s 12 now? He starts out the podcast at 9!) interviews people about their jobs! It’s really cute and inspiring to listen to this smart kid interview people! This week I listened to “Chris Fairbanks” and “Bobak Ferdowsi.”
  • The Nerdist Podcast – I try and listen to at least two episodes of this per week. This week I listened to “Fred Willard Returns!” and “Billy Crystal.”
  • Never Not Funny – comedian Jimmy Pardo is joined by his producer and a different guest and they just talk about anything! This week I listened to #811f with Conan O’Brien and #914f with Ty Burrell.
  • The Pen Addict – a podcast with host Myke Hurley and the owner of The Pen Addict website, Brad Dowdy, they geek out about pens and paper! This week I listened to “Not Your Grandfather’s Fountain Pen” and “Retro Style.”
  • Pop My Culture – great and silly podcast about entertainment culture with Vanessa Ragland and Cole Stratton. This week I listened to #71 with Fred Stoller and #72 with Judy Greer.
  • Today We Learned – an educational podcast where the hosts often have a guest (usually a comedian or actor) and they just talk about interesting facts they know, and tie in stories from their lives and stuff. I’m doing a pretty terrible job of describing it, but it’s really good! The episodes I listened to this week were Omar Dorsey and Christian Spicer.
  • Welcome To Nightvale – a comedy podcast set in a fake fantasy town called Nightvale, and lots of crazy stuff happens! Like mysterious hooded figures and dog parks that you can’t look directly at. The episodes I listened to this week were History Week, and The Lights in Radon Canyon.
  • Who Charted – another podcast I’m going to keep, this one reminds me of Pop My Culture, but this one focuses on the top five lists of certain media that week, specifically in music and movies. The episodes I listened to were Jason Nash and Sarah Silverman.
  • You Made It Weird – a really introspective podcast where comedian Pete Holmes interviews people about everything from religion, love, and their careers. This week, I listened to the Ron Funches and Live In Chicago! episodes.


  • @midnight – My favourite episode this week was last night’s with Aubrey Plaza, Paul Sheer, and Rob Huebel! I love them all so much!
  • Blue Bloods – I finished Seasons 1 and 2, and I’m on Season 3 now!
  • The Boxtrolls – I watched this on Netflix! I love stop motion animation so anytime it is used, I will watch it. This was a cute movie, and the story wasn’t predictable at all; there were a lot of weird twists I didn’t expect, and it made the movie like 30 minutes longer than I thought. It was fun!
  • Minions – I watched this with Taylor; I had seen both Despicable Me movies while he had only seen the first one. We both really liked it; it was cute! I don’t know a lot of people obsessed with the little guys, so I guess it wasn’t ruined for me, but I know people who are definitely over the Minions craze.


I didn’t do a lot of reading this week, and I wanted to share the restaurants I went to this week, so here you go!

  • The Smoking Pig – This is the BBQ restaurant I mentioned at the beginning of this post, where the host kind of remembered us. We usually get the Meat Combo because one type or style of meat is not enough! They also have one of my favourite sauces to eat with BBQ, and it’s called Carolina Sassy. So good!
  • Chipotle – my mom has never had Chipotle before, and we had a nice two-for-one coupon! If you’ve never been to one, what’s wrong with you?? Seriously.
  • The Counter – If you have never been to The Counter, get to one right now. It’s an expensive burger but they’re so good! One of the only places I know that sell bison (they have bison at the location here, anyway) and I just found out they ground their meat privately so they can cook their patties rare, which, I read, is healthier than eating it medium. They also have really great burger bowls – healthy and low carb!

Everything Else

I’m still doing everything I did last week so I won’t repeat myself.

  • Here is the pin I am using for my 30 Day Challenge! – For some reason the website doesn’t work, so I’m linking to my pin.
  • – I have such a long wishlist at this place and I just recently bought a small chunk of it, enough for the free shipping! I bought a Platinum Preppy, and I love using it so far, two different drawing pens (one Pilot Drawing Pen and one Sakura Micron), two Frixion products (one Frixion marker and one eraser), and one regular eraser! I also bought some ink and a dip pen. Don’t judge me!

That’s everything for this week, guys!

Bullet Journal for July

I saw Sowmya last Thursday and she really liked my bullet journal, so I decided I wanted to show off my spread for July!

But first a little history!

The Bullet Journal system is a simple journal system to sort out priorities and to-do lists. I have recently talked about the bullet journal system on my blog and the WTW podcast. July was my first month trying the bullet journal system, and the best part about it is, is that it’s flexible. You don’t waste any notebook or planner space on lines for a to-do list that you’ll never use. It’s so easy! Here’s the video:

My improvised system is a combination of a bullet journal, a brain dump journal, and a journal for note-taking. I’m basically using one notebook for everything. I love gridded notebooks, so for my first bullet journal experiment, I decided to get this National one on Amazon. It was too big, so I turned it sideways, and just split the page in two columns. I also put in a envelope for a sticker pocket! Because you gotta have stickers for planning!

I decided July’s color was blue, and the theme was arrows. I took a monthly spread I mentioned in my stationery post and taped it in for any future planning I needed to do. Anything more than a month away I put in my online calendar. On the bottom is a standard bullet journal month list with dates and days of the week, and next to that is my “Tasks” list. On the bottom I put a “Wants” list, but I decided not to include that for August. I liked having it in one place, but it’s unnecessary, and I found I needed more room for “Tasks.”

I was watching other planning videos, and someone had an “Expenses” page and I thought this would be the most effective way for me to keep track of how I spent my money. It really helped! For August, I’m going to try to color code the expenses to figure out what was necessary and what wasn’t. I had a “Goals” box and a “Schedule” box but neither were needed, so for next month, I’m just going to have expand “Expenses”. I already had to expand “Expenses” for July, so I’m hoping, for August, I stick to one. I also wanted to do an “Expense Planning” page but decided not to do that.

For July, I tried to stick the dates and plans on the left, and my notes or journal on the left. For August, I’m just going to keep it all under the same date. In mid-July, I started putting the weekly spreads in there too. For August, instead of having it on a separate page, I’m putting it together on the same page to save room. Sometimes, there are just random notes on the top.

I also included my legend for July; as the days went on I found I needed different icons and I wanted a daily blog checklist, so I made a new one for August (and beyond).

Anyway, I’ve covered up anything too personal so, finally, here is my July spread!

Stationery Love!

Another topic from My Facts post and definitely something I’ve been obsessed with for years, stationery!

I think, for as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with stickers, pens, and paper. Even as a child, I wanted them in every color, size, and type, and multiple copies so I could collect one copy and use the rest. I wanted to look at them and touch them and admire them and feel them. I don’t know what it is; maybe I enjoy the color combinations of the ink on the paper, maybe I like the creativity that the stickers provide, maybe I’m just a weirdo. We’ll never know for sure (but I do coo over the colors of pens and paper, and the adorability of stickers…).

Before I realized my obsession, I used to want notebooks for the sole reason of owning them. It didn’t matter how many plain Mead notebooks I already had, I didn’t have that one in that color. Thankfully, my mom didn’t indulge me on my every whim, but as soon as I got an allowance, the first thing I bought, after a quick 7-Eleven trip, was some cute stationery from a Korean store called Morning Glory. I had some of friends who were also into it, so we bonded quickly over brands like Blue Bear, Babu, and White. I still think the best, and cutest, one is Blue Bear. Another thing I bought as a kid was a Blue Bear planner, and filled it with cute month/week spreads, and even cuter memo paper.

Nowadays, I’ve moved on to stores like Maido and brands like Strathmore, but I’m still a huge fan of all stationery, especially cheap (but cute) stationery, so stores like Daiso are the epitome for an addict like me. I am also really into bookbinding and other DIY notebooks! I can’t wait to share my future projects and notebooks with you!

That’s all I can think of right now! I hope this provided a little insight into who I am and what I like to talk about!