My Recencies: January 15-21

My Recencies

Another week, another My Recencies post! Every week, I will handwrite 5 things I did that week that made me happy, take a picture of it, and post it on Instagram. And that is what I (now) call My Recencies! Without any further ado, here is what I did this week!

Top Five Celebrity Crushes

Here’s a more detailed topic from my My Facts post, and one of my favourite topics to talk about in real life: Top Five!

Now, if you don’t know what a Top Five is, I think it started with the Friends episode, The One with Frank Jr., but Ross starts making a list of 5 celebrities he’s allowed to sleep with if given the chance. Basically the trope is (copied from the concept of having an agreement with your partner about being able to have sex with five celebrities of your choice, should you have a chance to score. Of course, you’re never going to have this chance, nor if you did, would they even be interested in you in the first place. But, it’s a fun topic to talk about, especially with your friends.

You can watch the full episode here, and the explanation starts at 8:40.

I like talking about this because everyone has different opinions on aesthetics (the nice way of saying sexiness) and personality so everyone has a different Top Five. All the girls I’ve talked to about their Top Five have different celebrities on there, and most of us straight women have an additional “Girl Crush Top Five” which is pretty self-explanatory. Some of the lists are based on looks while some lists are based on auras or personality. Most of the straight guys I’ve talked to only have one female celebrity on their list, (though I will say I don’t have too many straight guy friends to whom I’ve broached this topic). In addition, tastes change with time, and some celebrities will become popular as the months and years go on.

I briefly mentioned in my pop culture post, but here are my Top Five lists:


    My list consists of a fine mixture between aesthetics and personality. First is:

  1. Robert Downey Jr. – I love a man with good scruff, and he’s got the best cocky-but-not-super-arrogant personality.
  2. Chris Hardwick – Chris is my favourite stand-up comedian, and I love a guy I can joke with! Plus, he’s also got the scruff going on (I seriously love scruff.)
  3. Grant Imahara – I’ve loved Grant since he started on Mythbusters all those years ago. I didn’t have cable until I got into college, and then I just watched it religiously. He’s geeky and adorable, hands down my favourite combination.
  4. Tom Hiddleston – Just a straight-up handsome actor dude. I also love his Loki’d series he did with MTV; he’s the best!
  5. Jason Momoa – Another scruffy guy, I love his arms (god, yes) and his general bad-boy-look-but-charming-and-funny demeanor.
  6. Honourable Mention: Chris Pratt – Like Jason, another scruffy, good-looking, adorable, funny guy.

    Above All: My boyfriend Taylor (of course) – He’s my combination of all 6 and he’s perfect for me ♥


    My female list are all girl crushes based on style, aesthetic, and attitude.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence – My favourite leading lady at the moment, and one who fights for equal rights, JLaw is just the best, period. She’s also hilarious and can we be friends now please?
  2. Kristen Bell – I loved her on Heroes (but I still haven’t watched Veronica Mars, which I know, I know, I have to get to), and her interactions with Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show make her just seem fun to be around. Plus, if you haven’t seen Kristen’s sloth meltdown on Ellen, how are you even here right now. Let’s be friends Kristen!
    Olivia Wilde – Olivia has the most gorgeous eyes ever. I loved her in The Black Donnellys and House and she seems like such a sweet, down-to-earth person.
    Natalie Dormer – Natalie just always looks awesome to me, especially with her bad-ass hair cut that I totally want but could not pull off.
    Emma Stone – I love redheads, and Emma just seems like a funny, genuine person. I wish we were friends!
  3. Honourable Mention: Mila Kunis – My love for her is purely based on her hilarious interactions with Craig Ferguson but also I love her style and her smoky eye.

    Above All: All my awesome, amazing friends! I love all your styles and aesthetics and attitudes! I love you guys! ♥

Hope that clears things up! Who are your top five? Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the rest of My Facts list (as well as past and future posts explaining them)!

My Recencies: January 8-14

My Recencies

Another week, another My Recencies post! Every week, I will handwrite 5 things I did that week that made me happy, take a picture of it, and post it on Instagram. And that is what I (now) call My Recencies! Without any further ado, here is what I did this week!

Here's #MyRecencies / #happylist list for this week! #lepen #pilotpocketbrushpen

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My Recencies for August 14th-20th


Another week, another My Recencies post! Every week, I update what I’ve been doing, listening to, watching, reading, etc.; this is what I call “My Recencies”! Here is what I did this week!


Phew, I barely had any free time this week at all. I was doing menu work all week as the deadline was moved up suddenly and I got extra work to do on it. I took pictures for a blog post but didn’t even get time to download the pictures or write the post! Things will be busy next week too but after that it will slow down I think. I like being busy, but it’s like that image I’ve seen online: You have three options and you only get to pick two; sleep, work, and a social life. It’s a delicate balance and I’m still working on it. I really should have scheduled blog posts last week but everyone has 20/20 hindsight. Sigh.

  • Saturday – On one of the only days I got free time, I got tickets for Chris Hardwick here in San Jose, and he was amazing (as usual)! I said this before, but no matter how many times I hear him tell the same joke, it’s always funny. You’re the best, Chris!
  • Tuesday – Episode 31 of We’re The Worst was published! Sowmya and I ramble for an hour about what we’ve been up to!


  • Memory Palace – This week I listened to “We’ve Forgotten James Powell” and “Other Bodies.” “We’ve Forgotten James Powell” was about minorities who were killed for insignificant reasons during the 60s, and “Other Bodies” was about Jane Froman, a mute opera singer who helped out entertaining the troops during WW2.
  • Mike Detective – This week I listened to “The Postman Always Sings Twice” and “Ace Venture: Mike Detective.” Mike Detective follows a mysterious knocking and ends up at a racetrack!
  • The Moth – This week I listened to “Blue Men, Psychopaths and a Bad Date” and “Snow White and the Screaming Meemies.” A heart-warming story from each episode: At the beginning of “Blue Men,” a guy who was in the Blue Man group tells a story of how he gets reminded about the best parts of the job, and at the end of “Snow White,” a girl tries to literally help a guy off a cliff. Really great stories!
  • The Mutant Season – This week I listened to “Ryan and Jake from Meltcast.” Ryan and Jake run the podcast for Meltdown, and they talk to GIl about comic books and superheroes; always good topics!
  • The Nerdist – This week I listened to “Misha Collins” and “Charlie Day.” Misha Collins talked about Supernatural, Gishwshes, and about how he used to work at the White House! Charlie Day talked about Pacific Rim, It’s Always Sunny, and auditioning.
  • Never Not Funny – This week I listened to “1016F Tom Arnold.” Tom Arnold talked to the guys about working at Hormel and really gross stories about killing pigs. I’m sure there were other stories (there were stories about being addicted to pain killers and his various ex-wives), but those kinda got blocked out for me by the pig killing stories. Wow, I could not eat after that.
  • The Pen Addict – This week I listened to “Get the Lead Out.” In this episode, they talk about a really small fountain pen called the Kaweco Lilliput and also their favourite pencil, the Uniball Kuratoga.
  • Pop My Culture – This week I listened to “John Hodgman, Aimee Mann and John Roderick” and “Amber Tamblyn.” Vanessa and Cole talk to John Hodgman, and Aimee Mana and John Roderick stop by! They talk about John’s work on the Apple ads and the Daily Show but also about Hunger Games and the Tripod Trilogy. Vanessa and Cole talk to Amber Tamblyn about her conflict(?) with Tyrese and they sing jingles! I love singing jingles!
  • Professor Blast Off – This week I listened to “Déja Vu” and “Evolution.” In “Déja Vu,” they discussed different theories of why déja vu happens and if they’ve ever had a memorable déja vu experience. In “Evolution,” they talked to a evolutionary scientist and a lot of their discussion centered around why “weak” traits like compassion are carried on. A really fascinating discussion!
  • Risk! – This week I listened to “Family Secrets” and “Live From Philly 4!” In “Family Secrets,” my favourite story was from a woman who went to North Korea with her father to visit her father’s family. It was really interesting to get a real view of what North Korea is like (from a couple years ago, anyway). In “Live From Philly 4!” my favourite story was from a woman who goes to Brazil to teach English (and learn Portugese). The stuff that happens to her sounds really fun and scary at the same time; I was picturing it as a short film in my head!
  • Sklarbro Country – This week I listened to “Har Mar Superstar” and “Janeane Garofalo.” My favourite Har Mar Superstar moment was when he sang acapella in the studio for the guys! In Janeane’s episode, they talk a lot about comedy!
  • Spontaneanation – This week I listened to “A UFC Weign-In.” This was a really funny episode, but I was intrigued b Kaitlin Olsen’s interview at the beginning, about her growing up healthy!
  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour – This week I listened to “Tales of The USSA, ‘New Frontiers,'” “Sparks Nevada, ‘I’m from Earth’ Day special,” “Sparks Nevada, ‘Something Wicked This Way Is,'” and “The Cross Time Adventures of Colonel Tick-Tock, ‘Mrs. Parker and the Doctaparatorious Paradox.'” I really enjoyed the “I’m From Earth” Day Special (especially the “If You Love Something, Never Let It Go” song), but I was really intrigued by “Something Wicked This Way Is” because Paul F. Tompkins was in it, and he plays an interesting character! I can’t wait to listen to the follow-up episode!
  • Today We Learned – This week I listened to “Brady Matthews” and “Seth Green.” In Brady Matthews’ episode, they talked about a lot of artist facts because Brady is an artist! I learned that Bob Ross could record a whole season of his show in two days! In Seth Green’s episode, they talked a lot about remakes and they’re kinda our way of passing down our mythology (movies) to younger generations. I also learned that stop motion was first used in 1897! (I wonder if flip book animations started around the same time?)


  • @midnight – This week I really, really enjoyed Wednesday’s episode with Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and April Richardson. April was at Chris’s show on Saturday, so it was great seeing her again! I also absolutely love any time when Wil is on!
  • Blue Bloods – This past weekend I finished the rest of the series! It ended on a good note, but kinda flat last episode. I guess that’s good? It’s supposed to be like a regular day and their life just goes on even after we stop following them.
  • George Gently – This show is about a British detective called George Gently (if that’s not obvious), and the show is set in the late 60s. I started George Gently before I got caught up in Blue Bloods so I just started this back up after finishing it. These episodes are an hour and a half long each, so they’re pretty long.


I guess I ended up eating out a lot this week during my limited free time.

  • AFK Lounge – Taylor and I went here after seeing Chris Hardwick because it’s in downtown San Jose! It was both of our first times there, and it was pretty fun! Kinda expensive, but it’s a bar so I kind of expected that.
  • Bon Chon Chicken – I’m kinda hesitant about blogging about this place because it’s already too popular in my area. Bon Chon Chicken is probably the best fried chicken place ever. The crust (is that what you call it?) is the BEST; so crunch and flavorful! I didn’t have a free day and I still went out! I knew I wasn’t going to be able to see Taylor over the weekend, so we met up and just had dinner.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – This is Taylor’s favourite wing place (mine is Wing Stop, in case you were wondering) so we come here often.
  • Kenji Sushi – My mom and I went here on the weekend (when I wasn’t busy). It both of our first times here, and my coworker was saying that this is his favourite sushi place. Neither of us had sushi, but the entrees we had were pretty good!

Everything Else

I’m still using all the apps I was using in my original post so I won’t repeat myself.

  • – I bought the Brush Pen Sampler on JetPens because it just came back into stock. Again, little free time and I barely got time to play around with them, but I’m glad I got them because the sampler has been out of stock for a while!

That’s everything for this week, guys! Hope you enjoyed your week, and liked a glimpse at mine!

My Recencies: July 31st – August 6th


Another week, another My Recencies post! As part of my revamp of my blog, every week I’m going to update what I’ve been doing, listening to, watching, reading, etc.; this is what I’m going to call “My Recencies”! This is what I’ve done this week!


I did a lot of blog work this week! I got really motivated to share my experiences this week, and I’m trying to think of a better name for my blog, but I really like having my name as my domain because it was one of my life goals from when I was a wee teenager. I have more to share this next week so I hope you like what I’ve done so far! I made a pretty awesome title card for the My Recencies posts (at the top of the page)! I also started handlettering, a new hobby!

  • Saturday – I went to the Santa Clara county fair with my mom! Turns out she had never been before, *and* had never tried a funnel cake so I defintely had to change that! I also started a 30 Day Journal challenge with Sowmya because why not get our creativity flowing together and cheer each other on! The link to my 30 Day Challenge is further down. I also started my August bullet journal!
  • Tuesday – I posted Episode 29 of WTW Podcast; Sowmya and I talk about beauty products and our routines and what we’d like to try, and what we love! I also included the time to which you can skip if you don’t like girls talking about that kind of thing. This night, Taylor and I went to one of our favourite BBQ places and the host was like “…Oh hey guys! Welcome back!” and we were like “oh crap, we can never come back here, they’re starting to remember our faces!” but I’m trying to reason that he must say that to everyone. Right? …Right?


I didn’t add anything new to Spotify, though I have been using it to meditate with my Stop, Breathe, & Think app so it’s nice! Here are the podcasts I’ve been listening to:

  • Comedy Death Ray/Comedy Bang Bang – a radio podcast hosted by comedian Scott Aukerman, he has guests on and he interviews them! Sometimes the guests are characters, sometimes the guests are real people, but all the time it’s funny. This week, I listened to #57 with Brian Posehn and James Adomian, and #58 with Rob Huebel and Steel Panther.
  • Criminal – a podcast about different crimes, criminals, and victims of crimes. This was perfect for a crime junkie like me. The episode I listened to was called “Triassic Park”; it was a really interesting story about the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, and the thefts that occur there.
  • The Dollop – an American history podcast where one comedian, Dave Anthony, reads a story from history to another comedian, Gareth Reynolds, who knows nothing about it beforehand. Hands down, this is one of my three favourite podcasts of all time. Of all time! This week, I listened to #57 about Eric Red, and #58 about Lenny Dykstra.
  • Everything Is Stories – a combination between an interview and a storytelling, this podcast believes that everyone has a story, and goes to interview some extremely interesting people. The episode I listened to was called “Vanished Status” and it was about a protestor in the 60s who was falsely accused of starting a fire during a protest, and given 5 years in jail for it, so he changed his identity. His story is a fascinating one, but it really instilled in me the fact I could probably never be a fugitive.
  • The Fogelnest Files – a podcast where the host, Jake Fogelnest, shows weird or hard-to-find clips from pop culture, and they talk about it. This week I listened to #3 with Jon Hendren and #4 with Steve Agee and Horatio Sanz.
  • The Indoor Kids – a video game podcast hosted by comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon who are both hilarious and amazing! This week I listened to “Gaming School with Adam Sessler.”
  • Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show – comedian Kevin Pollak has a chat show where he talks to people (usually celebrities). This week I listened to #3 with Jim Gaffigan, and #4 with Joe Mantegna.
  • The Memory Palace – stories from history told beautifully by the podcast’s creator, Nate DiMeo. This week I listened to “400,000 Stars” and “The Glowing Orbs”.
  • The Moth – stories told by people that are usually hilarious or extremely sad. The only thing I don’t like is there’s only one a week. This week I listened to “Fathers” and “Nicole Kear and Christy Kent.”
  • The Mutant Season – an interview podcast where a kid (I think he’s 12 now? He starts out the podcast at 9!) interviews people about their jobs! It’s really cute and inspiring to listen to this smart kid interview people! This week I listened to “Chris Fairbanks” and “Bobak Ferdowsi.”
  • The Nerdist Podcast – I try and listen to at least two episodes of this per week. This week I listened to “Fred Willard Returns!” and “Billy Crystal.”
  • Never Not Funny – comedian Jimmy Pardo is joined by his producer and a different guest and they just talk about anything! This week I listened to #811f with Conan O’Brien and #914f with Ty Burrell.
  • The Pen Addict – a podcast with host Myke Hurley and the owner of The Pen Addict website, Brad Dowdy, they geek out about pens and paper! This week I listened to “Not Your Grandfather’s Fountain Pen” and “Retro Style.”
  • Pop My Culture – great and silly podcast about entertainment culture with Vanessa Ragland and Cole Stratton. This week I listened to #71 with Fred Stoller and #72 with Judy Greer.
  • Today We Learned – an educational podcast where the hosts often have a guest (usually a comedian or actor) and they just talk about interesting facts they know, and tie in stories from their lives and stuff. I’m doing a pretty terrible job of describing it, but it’s really good! The episodes I listened to this week were Omar Dorsey and Christian Spicer.
  • Welcome To Nightvale – a comedy podcast set in a fake fantasy town called Nightvale, and lots of crazy stuff happens! Like mysterious hooded figures and dog parks that you can’t look directly at. The episodes I listened to this week were History Week, and The Lights in Radon Canyon.
  • Who Charted – another podcast I’m going to keep, this one reminds me of Pop My Culture, but this one focuses on the top five lists of certain media that week, specifically in music and movies. The episodes I listened to were Jason Nash and Sarah Silverman.
  • You Made It Weird – a really introspective podcast where comedian Pete Holmes interviews people about everything from religion, love, and their careers. This week, I listened to the Ron Funches and Live In Chicago! episodes.


  • @midnight – My favourite episode this week was last night’s with Aubrey Plaza, Paul Sheer, and Rob Huebel! I love them all so much!
  • Blue Bloods – I finished Seasons 1 and 2, and I’m on Season 3 now!
  • The Boxtrolls – I watched this on Netflix! I love stop motion animation so anytime it is used, I will watch it. This was a cute movie, and the story wasn’t predictable at all; there were a lot of weird twists I didn’t expect, and it made the movie like 30 minutes longer than I thought. It was fun!
  • Minions – I watched this with Taylor; I had seen both Despicable Me movies while he had only seen the first one. We both really liked it; it was cute! I don’t know a lot of people obsessed with the little guys, so I guess it wasn’t ruined for me, but I know people who are definitely over the Minions craze.


I didn’t do a lot of reading this week, and I wanted to share the restaurants I went to this week, so here you go!

  • The Smoking Pig – This is the BBQ restaurant I mentioned at the beginning of this post, where the host kind of remembered us. We usually get the Meat Combo because one type or style of meat is not enough! They also have one of my favourite sauces to eat with BBQ, and it’s called Carolina Sassy. So good!
  • Chipotle – my mom has never had Chipotle before, and we had a nice two-for-one coupon! If you’ve never been to one, what’s wrong with you?? Seriously.
  • The Counter – If you have never been to The Counter, get to one right now. It’s an expensive burger but they’re so good! One of the only places I know that sell bison (they have bison at the location here, anyway) and I just found out they ground their meat privately so they can cook their patties rare, which, I read, is healthier than eating it medium. They also have really great burger bowls – healthy and low carb!

Everything Else

I’m still doing everything I did last week so I won’t repeat myself.

  • Here is the pin I am using for my 30 Day Challenge! – For some reason the website doesn’t work, so I’m linking to my pin.
  • – I have such a long wishlist at this place and I just recently bought a small chunk of it, enough for the free shipping! I bought a Platinum Preppy, and I love using it so far, two different drawing pens (one Pilot Drawing Pen and one Sakura Micron), two Frixion products (one Frixion marker and one eraser), and one regular eraser! I also bought some ink and a dip pen. Don’t judge me!

That’s everything for this week, guys!