Bullet Journal Update! (February through April)

Alright! It’s been a while, so I think it’s time for a bullet journal update! Please refer to my past bullet journal posts because I will probably be referring to them often!

Short recap: Logistically, regarding the notebook itself, again, it is a cheap dot grid spiral bound notebook from Daiso and yup, I still hate spiral bound notebooks. The paper is really thin, but I was right and using the Frixion pens didn’t ghost through so much that it annoyed me. I started using my Frixion Marker for headers which also didn’t ghost through too much and I am using a lot of stickers. It’s awesome!

Small change! In the key, I wrote down the dimension of the dot grid, so how many squares across and how many squares down. It helped out a lot in planning layouts and stuff! I saw it in someone else’s bullet journal flip-through and decided to include it in mine. Check it out:
Bullet Journal Update!

For this journal, I’m alternating where I tape in my inserts so that the tape doesn’t build up in one area. I taped the first month (January) at the bottom of the page and the next month (February) at the top of the page. Check it out:
Bullet Journal Update!

Here are February, March and April monthlies and dailies (I know I forgot February’s monthly! I’m too lazy to go back now!):

Details: I used a lot of stickers in my monthlies and dailies. In March, I expanded the food log to fit the entire daily entry. In April, I gave my dailies more room to breathe and just simplified every day to have half a page (22 squares for the top, 23 squares for the bottom). In April I also started tracking my time, even though I’m at work almost all the time.

I took a video of this as a flip through and then decided I hated it so I took screencaps and am posting it as images. Sorry for the crappy pictures.

How are you guys changing up your bullet journals and planners? Y’all like my stickers? :D

Thanks again for reading, everyone!

Bullet Journal: January 2016

Time for a bullet journal update! From my last bujo post, I showed you my setup for January and now I’m here to shows you how I filled it out!

Here are some of the details of the process I went through after my last post:

So first, I had a hard time deciding where to paste my monthly and weekly inserts. I ended up taping them to the sides of the pages where they kinda get inconvenient, but they’re fine. The most annoying thing, actually, was getting g used to the spiral bound notrebok style. I haven’t used a spiral bound notebook since college, and I forgot how annoying it was. (I won’t get into the itty-bitty details now, but yeah. Hate it.) In retrospect, I shouldn’t have put them on the side, because I use the side-color indexing system… I remedied that with thin washi tape though so it’s not that big of a deal I guess.

Second thing, I put my Frixion Marker to good use! I used it for headers, dividers and boxes! I’m happy with it on the thin paper.

Thirdly, I’m trying to use all my stickers (can you tell?) so I’m using them everywhere!

Lastly, I got these awesome Essenti dry highlighters! When I write out my day, I kinda go stream-of-consciousness, whatever-comes-first kinda thing, so I wanted to make the most important task of the day really stand out. I got the pastel colors, and they do the job, but I think I’ll get the bright colors next; the pastel ones did not pop as much as I wanted them to.

Anyway, here’s the whole gallery if you want to look at it!

New Year, New Bullet Journal

Along side all the rest of my “new year” posts I have to post my new bullet journal!

To welcome the new year, I made up a cheap dot grid journal I bought from Daiso, which is a Japanese dollar store. Honestly, I still had enough paper in my old BuJo to do two more months, but I wanted to start the year off fresh. Plus, I wanted to cut out the extra paper for scrap grid paper because I love drawing on grid paper.

First thing I did in the new Daiso notebook is I tested the paper — not good with markers, but the Frixion pens are fine, so I guess that’s what I’m going to be using for this BuJo! I thought the markers looked okay and when you see the table of contents, I did try to use them and ignore the shadowing, but I couldn’t bare it, so Frixion pens are the way to go. For $1.50, I’m not gonna complain about the quality of this paper, and this was the only dot grid notebook Daiso had so I bought it even though I really, really hate spiral binding.

I usually decorate the cover with stickers (I did this months ago), and add an envelope for more stickers on the inside back cover (if there isn’t already one)

Next I write out a legend and put it in with washi tape, and fix up the table of contents. Then I start writing out the month.

Since taking these pictures, I’ve added more stickers and filled out the goals, NYR, and (obviously) started recording my days already. I also added my monthly and weekly inserts (and I’ll keep doing this until I’ve run out). I’ll take more pictures at the end of the month!

How does your planner or bullet journal look for the new year? Did you start in a whole new notebook, or did you keep last years?

Bullet Journal 2015

Hope everyone is having a good year so far! Continuing on with my summary of 2015, here’s the rest of my year in my bullet journal! If you want a summary, here’s my first bullet journal entry which has a summary, an explanatory video, and my Bullet Journal spread for July, the first month I tried out the system. In this post, I cropped and blurred pictures because this time I took it with my fancy camera (though some pictures are still blurry, can’t do anything about that).

Here is what my BuJo (what bullet journallers call it) looked like on the outside. A not-so-secret: I LOVE stickers.

Here was August. I went for a hexagonal theme for the headers and I really liked it! Probably my favourite font for my BuJo in 2015. You can see I also did a journal challenge which I talked about here.

Here is September. I went for a college/school theme for the header font because it’s back to school for a lot of people! Also, I tried something a little different, this time I left the entire right side blank (after splitting the two sides in half horizontally) for sketch paper. I didn’t really use all of it, so it was kind of a waste. You can see my sketches for October here!

For the month of October, I went for a gothic font, and for the main header, I used my calligrapher pen to write it. It came out awesome! For the rest of the month, I made a more simplified version with my drawing pen. We also started planning my friend’s bridal shower and bachelorette party, so you can see my Post-Its for that. And lastly, you can see the progression of my little bat logo from the second picture (a terrible bat) to the fourth picture (an awesome looking bat!). Based off the Batman logo.

For November, I went for a classic-ish serif font with a thick “middle”. It was fun to draw, but I spent a longer time concentrating on how it looked and not a great lot of concentration on spelling, so you can see my terrible mistakes. (Novemebr!) And my number always came out looking awful. I also started doing day separators! Those are always fun!

And finally December! I went for a simplistic san serif font because I wanted to draw lights but it came out kinda terrible. I also tried a new monthly plan, drew little logos like pine trees, snow men, holly, and presents! I also went sticker CRAZY and added a little bit of washi to my weekly planner papers.

December was probably my favourite month because I branched out a bit and expanded what I could do with my bullet journal! I used this great blog post over at Boho Berry for inspiration and tips! It was a fun read and I had a lot of fun planning thanks for that post!

Well that’s it for now! I’ll be back for a resolution wrap up post soon!