Notebook Obsession: My High School Notebooks

Notebook Obsession

I’ve been obsessed with notebooks ever since I can remember. As a result, I have many different notebooks and wanted to share my collection with fellow notebook lovers! Please let me know what you think!

I started off with my first video for the blog! I just went over the three notebooks I could find from high school, one notebook from college, a binder I had in high school and some bonus pens and pencils I had used in high school. Hope you like it!

Notebook Obsession Introduction

Notebook ObsessionAfter starting the Pen Showcase series I realized I couldn’t really do it without doing a series about my Notebook Obsession! I briefly talked about it in my Stationery Love post but here’s a more indepth introduction.

One of my favourite material things in the world is books. I love having a physical book in my hand when reading or writing. Ever since I started reading, I have loved them. I felt like I needed them even when I didn’t. I think I just really liked paper because I remember just having a lot of scrap paper around the house.

For notebooks, I like the aesthetics and the texture of a page. For this reason, I have a lot of notebooks. I love the blankness of an empty piece of paper, especially if it’s dot grid paper or graph paper. Obviously, one starts buying notebooks for school reasons; so most of my notebooks started out as notebooks with ruled paper. Then I started buying notebooks with cute covers, and now I’ve kinda moved onto just nice paper (but cute covers still get in every once in a while). Sometimes I feel like I just buy notebooks to collect them (ex: I need all of a specific brand!) but sometimes I will need a notebook for a specific reason.

Here are some pictures of all my notebooks I have at the time of writing this (and I’m sure I gave forgotten some already!).

All Notebooks

These are all my notebooks that I could find at the time of taking the picture. There are at least two that are missing that I know of!

And here’s a gallery of all the full size notebook pictures:

And bonus, here’s my Instagram picture from when I was assembling the notebooks together:

Currently: writing an intro to a #notebook obsession series! Up on the blog soon, check out the link in my profile!

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In my next entry, I’ll start with the oldest ones: high school notebooks! Which ones of my notebooks do you have? Do you hate them or love them?