Bullet Journal Update! (February through April)

Alright! It’s been a while, so I think it’s time for a bullet journal update! Please refer to my past bullet journal posts because I will probably be referring to them often!

Short recap: Logistically, regarding the notebook itself, again, it is a cheap dot grid spiral bound notebook from Daiso and yup, I still hate spiral bound notebooks. The paper is really thin, but I was right and using the Frixion pens didn’t ghost through so much that it annoyed me. I started using my Frixion Marker for headers which also didn’t ghost through too much and I am using a lot of stickers. It’s awesome!

Small change! In the key, I wrote down the dimension of the dot grid, so how many squares across and how many squares down. It helped out a lot in planning layouts and stuff! I saw it in someone else’s bullet journal flip-through and decided to include it in mine. Check it out:
Bullet Journal Update!

For this journal, I’m alternating where I tape in my inserts so that the tape doesn’t build up in one area. I taped the first month (January) at the bottom of the page and the next month (February) at the top of the page. Check it out:
Bullet Journal Update!

Here are February, March and April monthlies and dailies (I know I forgot February’s monthly! I’m too lazy to go back now!):

Details: I used a lot of stickers in my monthlies and dailies. In March, I expanded the food log to fit the entire daily entry. In April, I gave my dailies more room to breathe and just simplified every day to have half a page (22 squares for the top, 23 squares for the bottom). In April I also started tracking my time, even though I’m at work almost all the time.

I took a video of this as a flip through and then decided I hated it so I took screencaps and am posting it as images. Sorry for the crappy pictures.

How are you guys changing up your bullet journals and planners? Y’all like my stickers? :D

Thanks again for reading, everyone!

Notebook Obsession: My High School Notebooks

Notebook Obsession

I’ve been obsessed with notebooks ever since I can remember. As a result, I have many different notebooks and wanted to share my collection with fellow notebook lovers! Please let me know what you think!

I started off with my first video for the blog! I just went over the three notebooks I could find from high school, one notebook from college, a binder I had in high school and some bonus pens and pencils I had used in high school. Hope you like it!

Pen Showcase: Platinum Preppy, Fine Nib (in Black)

Pen Showcase

Starting a new series on my blog about the pens I have! I was kinda going for a pen review, so that’s basically what it is! I’ll try and highlight things I like and dislike, and then things I’ve heard from other people (probably other reviews, or the Pen Addict).

Pen Showcase 2 - Letter

And finally I wrote some pangrams down on a little Rhodia Dot Pad I got:

Pen Showcase 2 - Pangrams

I wrote them on different Rhodia pads. Here are the two pads together!

Another #PenShowcase will be up on my blog soon! This time I used the #PlatinumPreppy, fine nib in black!

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I bought this pen because I heard good things about it on the Goulet Pens podcast, so I bought it on JetPens here. I also watched this how-to convert video, so I also bought these O-rings and silicone grease on Goulet Pens.

Notebook Obsession Introduction

Notebook ObsessionAfter starting the Pen Showcase series I realized I couldn’t really do it without doing a series about my Notebook Obsession! I briefly talked about it in my Stationery Love post but here’s a more indepth introduction.

One of my favourite material things in the world is books. I love having a physical book in my hand when reading or writing. Ever since I started reading, I have loved them. I felt like I needed them even when I didn’t. I think I just really liked paper because I remember just having a lot of scrap paper around the house.

For notebooks, I like the aesthetics and the texture of a page. For this reason, I have a lot of notebooks. I love the blankness of an empty piece of paper, especially if it’s dot grid paper or graph paper. Obviously, one starts buying notebooks for school reasons; so most of my notebooks started out as notebooks with ruled paper. Then I started buying notebooks with cute covers, and now I’ve kinda moved onto just nice paper (but cute covers still get in every once in a while). Sometimes I feel like I just buy notebooks to collect them (ex: I need all of a specific brand!) but sometimes I will need a notebook for a specific reason.

Here are some pictures of all my notebooks I have at the time of writing this (and I’m sure I gave forgotten some already!).

All Notebooks

These are all my notebooks that I could find at the time of taking the picture. There are at least two that are missing that I know of!

And here’s a gallery of all the full size notebook pictures:

And bonus, here’s my Instagram picture from when I was assembling the notebooks together:

Currently: writing an intro to a #notebook obsession series! Up on the blog soon, check out the link in my profile!

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In my next entry, I’ll start with the oldest ones: high school notebooks! Which ones of my notebooks do you have? Do you hate them or love them?

Pen Showcase: Pilot Frixion Point 04 (in Black)

Pen Showcase

Starting a new series on my blog about the pens I have! I was kinda going for a pen review, so that’s basically what it is! I’ll try and highlight things I like and dislike, and then things I’ve heard from other people (probably other reviews, or the Pen Addict). Without further ado, here’s my first pen, the Pilot Frixion Point 04 in Black!

Pen Showcase: Pilot Frixion 04 (Black)

I ended up scanning this and only using an unsharp mask because it was kinda blurry; I was having the hardest time taking a picture of this so were some of my attempts on Instagram:

And finally I wrote some pangrams down on a new Rhodia Dot Pad I got:


I first got these pens from my good friend Rebecca; she came back from Japan and gave them to me, and I had never heard of them before! I did end up buying refills and other colors from JetPens, so you can get this pen here.