Sculpture Thursday: Wing House

This extremely fancy, modern looking house was created using a 747 plane! The house is made from parts of an actual plane, and, as you can see from the picture below, uses the wings as roofs for parts of the house. Amazing:

Wing House

According to the article at Design Milk:

The main residence uses the wings and tail section as roofing elements. There’s also an art studio, guest house, and animal barn all made from the fuselage. A meditation pavilion was also created from the cockpit.

Cartoon Saturday: Wrapping Paper

Look at this adorable wrapping paper by Orange You Lucky!
Adorable Wallpaper
I love wrapping paper. And this one’s too cute!

I just found an awesome UK shop for really cute, colorful wrapping paper simply called Wrap. The Wrap store is actually based on a magazine, which showcases “illustration, design and creative culture” and they include a couple sheets of wrapping paper with each issue. Here’s a screenshot of some of their designs:
Wrapping Paper

I wish there was a store here in the US! I would buy so much. So. Much.

Typography Tuesday: The Joker

Going back to sharing great typography! Today’s theme is The Joker, more specifically, lines from The Dark Knight.

Here’s a great kinetic type video of one of the “Why So Serious” scenes:

Here’s an amazing typographic portrait by EdUnderground:

edunderground Red Bubble

Here’s another great portrait of the Joker, this one by GeekSpeakPrints:

GeekSpeakPrints Etsy


And lastly, here’s another kinetic typography video, this one from the conversation between Joker and Two-Face: