My Love for Animals

Yet another topic from My Facts post! This time, I want to talk about animals!

As a child, I was an animal junkie. I took in as much animal information as my little brain could handle. We didn’t have cable, so my brother and I would watch every other channel that we could understand. As a result, we watched ton of PBS, and Zoboomafoo and Kratt’s Creatures were staples for us. I can’t remember how we found them or what they were called, but there were these animal books and pamphlets that we read every night. I’m sure it was super annoying for my grandparents and parents to read it over and over again to us. We borrowed a ton of books from the library and went to zoos as often as we could. Our favourite animal was probably the tiger. (True story, I used to have a tiger poster over my bed until middle of college.)

We had some animals as children but not your average cats and dogs. When we were little, my maternal grandparents lived with us, and my grandma hated cats and dogs and rodents. We somehow had a tortoise and we had it for a while, but we woke up one morning, and a cat or some other animal had gotten to it, and it had died in the night. My grandpa cooked it that night and made soup; I remember being really disgusted that we were eating a deceased pet and not wanting to eat it. We also had a rooster and I remember petting it while it ate the food we gave it. I can’t remember what happened to it, but we probably ate it too. We also won some goldfish from a faire or festival or something, and we had one that lived for over 10 years. It was a giant goldfish when it died!

Nowadays, I wouldn’t call myself a junkie but I’m definitely still an animal lover! I still find animal facts wherever I can; there’s a great subreddit called r/awwducational. Did you know hippos sweat pink, and are closely related to whales and porpoises? And I still love going to zoos, especially those that are humane and promote conservation! The SF zoo is a great example; I’m not sure about the other animals, but I learned that some of the giraffes travel to breed, and some babies are even brought back to Africa to replenish the giraffe population! Which is a great segue to my next topic: my favourite wild animals now are giraffes! They are majestic and have the most adorable eyes and I just love watching them. They are the best, period. My favourite domesticated animals are cows and cats. I think cows have some of the prettiest eyes and cats are just adorable butt heads. But I also find snakes cute! And dogs! And hedgedogs and pigs and snow leopards and…you get the jist. I really, really love animals.

As of right now, my household is still fur-free. I’d like to own dogs one day, and I would be proud to grow old as a crazy cat lady. We owned 2 chinchillas for about 3 years; they just passed away this summer. It was really hard when we lost them and I miss them often. We aren’t totally pet-free though; we still have some goldfish! There’s about 5-6 in a giant tank.

I believe in animal conservation, and I think, if I had been better in science, I would have gone in that direction, career-wise. I used to be vegetarian because, as you can imagine, loving cows as much as I do, it was hard to eat beef without feeling a little guilty. I have now since reverted to eating meat but I still feel a little guilty sometimes, and avoid eating too much beef.

This was probably too much information all at once but I hope that provided a little more insight into what I like and what I’m interested in! Thanks for reading!

Some Facts about Me (or: Things I Might Blog About)

My Facts

There are certain subjects that will come up often in my blog, and here is a master list!

  1. I Love Art
  2. First and foremost, I love art. Mostly vectors, illustrations and typography, but I also love a good-looking painting a handsome website, even just a really well-designed couch. I don’t just like physical art; I thoroughly appreciate music, photography, cinematography, story-telling, and dance. I’ve particularly always enjoyed taiko drum performances, which combine dance, music, and storytelling. I will post interesting art I find and want to share! All art will be credited to the artist, unless that artist is me! I hope to also make and post “art” as I make it (by no means do I consider myself an “artist”).

  3. I Have a Podcast
  4. In late 2014/early 2015, I was unsatisfied in my creative side, so I started up a podcast with a good friend, Sowmya! It is called We’re The Worst, and we just hang out! We have a different topic every week, and we answer questions, and it’s generally a good time! It helped teach me a lot about life, like trying to get things uploaded on time, recording with dueling schedules, and trying to promote yourself, which is something I will never enjoy. I also learned a little about podcasting, like microphones, iTunes RSS feeds, and Audacity. I will post links to podcast episodes as they are posted! I will also post about podcasts I enjoy so other people can enjoy them too!

  5. I Crochet
  6. I started crocheting at the end of 2011 and have completed at least 40 projects since then! I hope to occasionally post projects I’m working on, yarn purchases, and maybe some crochet inspiration I find!

  7. I Love Stationery
  8. Stickers, washi tape, notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, and everything else in-between! I love it all: anything cute or colorful; anything having to do with planners or scrapbooking; anything that can be found in Maido and Paper Source. I hope to post about my (cheap) stationery hauls and maybe a look into my planner!
    You can read more about this here!

  9. I’m Super Pro-LGBTQI and a Feminist
  10. I love all people equally! Except meanies. I hope to post interesting news articles about equality from all fronts! #LoveWins!

  11. I Am Eco-Conscious
  12. I’ve been trying to be green and save the human race since I was about 5. I learned about recycling, reducing, and reusing on PBS and haven’t stopped since. (I say “trying to save the human race,” because the earth will still be here long after global warming kills us all :)) I hope to post about ways I stay green!

  13. I Love Animals
  14. My favourite wild mammals are giraffes and whales. My favourite breeds of cats are Exotic Shorthairs, Maine Coons, and Birmans. My favourite breeds of dogs are French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Shiba Inus. I also love cows and snakes! I owned two chinchillas, but they passed away in July 2015. I will probably post cute animal pictures to cheer myself up.
    You can read more about this here!

  15. I Have a Boyfriend
  16. Taylor and I got together roughly 3 years ago; our actual anniversary date is sometime at the July, but we agreed to move it to a day we would remember, so officially our anniversary is May 4th, which some of my fellow nerds will recognize as May The Fourth or Star Wars Day. I will probably talk about him from time to time because he’s pretty awesome ♥ and we do a lot together!

  17. More Recurring Friends and Family!
  18. I have a handful of great friends and we do stuff together! I will list them here with their permission, but most of my personal friends are pretty private, so they will just be noted by first name, and if they want, whichever social media they want to promote! Julie, Diana, Dorothy, Kris, Scott, and of course Sowmya! I also have a mom I do a lot with, and various other family I see pretty often.

  19. I Enjoy Pop Culture
  20. Like most people, I enjoy movies, TV, and the occasional book or other reading material, so I’ll probably talk about things I watched or read, or media I’m excited about! I also love a few celebrities! I will refer to these celebrities a lot and I’m letting you guys know now so I don’t have to apologize in the future. They are Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hardwick, Grant Imahara, Tom Hiddleston, Jason Momoa, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, Kristen Bell, Emma Stone, and Chris Pratt. I’m sorry for all the fangirling ahead, and this will be my only apology. (Sorry, not sorry!)
    You can read more about this here!

  21. I love Lists!
  22. …Is it obvious? I will share lists I make! :D

I’m going to take some of these subjects and create full posts, and also edit this list as I go, so I hope you’re prepared to know way too much about me!