Inspiration of the Day: Wonder Woman poses

I’m not what I would call a feminist, although I do be believe in men treating women better and being looked at equally, etc. I’m also a fan of drag, because come on. C’mon.

So this kind of thing is just up my alley.

coelasquid and a friend were protesting the new Wonder Woman outfit when this happened.

Coelasquid - Wonder men

To quote coelasquid:

The point of contention still is, as it always was, that people are getting tired of seeing all of the female leads drawn with body language and uniforms that make them appear less heroic, powerful, legitimate, and all-around able to be taken seriously than their male counterparts.

AMAZING. Also, Deadpool. C’mon.

Related: This reminds me of the gender-bent Justice League from SDCC this year.

(This was supposed to be posted yesterday! I accidentally saved it as a draft :x)

Inspiration of the Day: Star Wars Retold

Inspired by yesterday’s Star Wars post, I went and looked this up, because it is hilarious, and very well done. And if you haven’t seen it yet, then this is a real treat. This video cheers me up in ways I don’t even understand. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Star Wars: Retold…(by someone who hasn’t seen it).

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

(found here)

Inspiration of the Day: Star Wars Pixels

These amazing Star Wars pixel figures were done by artist Michael Myers.

Michael Myer's Star Wars Pixels

Star Wars: My first fandom love. I’m not looking to get into a Star Wars/Star Trek fight here, because I’ve barely seen Star Trek, so I will freely admit I have no real arguments available. However, I will say that if I’ve had a penny for each Star Wars jokes my friends have made between us, I would have bought my own Macbook Pro and iMac by now.

(found here, here, and here)