Temp jobs, Master’s degrees, and tangrams

Temp Jobs
So I just learned that Lion OSX is coming out this summer, and that means it’s nearly time for a new computer! Right now, I’m trying to get in touch my customer service side to get a job that will pay for a new Macbook at the end of this summer! Applied to some FedEx positions, a bunch of admin jobs, and pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I’m literally excited to work on anything right now, and I think I owe my newfound enthusiasm to my brother.

Master’s Degrees
I’m toying with the possibility of re-enlisting in a university to go for my Master’s. I know SJSU has a really good art program, but I’m also looking into SCU and Stanford, and maybe even the Academy of Art. I don’t want to go far this time, so it’s looking like even longer before I visit my friends back in NYC.

I did a little tangram design on a binder for one of the managers here – and I’m thinking of turning it into a series. I really used to love tangrams as a kid. Here’s what I made:

Faded Tangram

I’m also thinking of making a grunge tutorial based on what I did. I feel so productive today!

New work up!

I just finished and added my menu for a fake restaurant called Dex’s Cafe.


Short background: Jason Momoa, the actor shown on the second page under the “Did You Know?” section played a character named Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis, which, hopefully you know by now, is (still) my favourite TV show. A month ago, while I was itching to design a menu, I thought “What if Ronon lived on earth, opened up a restaurant, and cooked in it?” So, yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I know you can’t read the Chef Specials, but there’s Satedan BBQ, Teyla’s Pasta, Sheppard’s Pie and McKay’s Beefcake, which are all references to other characters on the show.

It was super fun to think of menu items, write descriptions, and look for food pictures. And now, of course, I want to print it and actually GO to it, but, haha, actually since I’m a vegetarian, I can’t actually eat that much at this restaurant. Irony? Well, I’m in the works of making a menu for a vegetarian restaurant, so maybe I can pretend to go to that instead. Ha!

SGA Posters!

Just added some posters I did for Stargate Atlantis, which were inspired by existing movie posters. I love these posters, especially the Outcast/Social Network and the McKay and Mrs. Miller/Moon crossovers. Two of my favourite episodes!

I’m working on something with my friend Jade at the moment that has me really, really excited, and I hope to be posting some more projects soon!

I also want to be posting more than website updates here, so I hope you enjoy it!