New resume

After what seems like forever, I’ve finally updated my resumé, and used InDesign to do so. I kind of avoided using InDesign since, so many people and websites prefer using .doc documents instead of .pdf, but I’m just going to put the PDF in a Word Document and let them worry about it themselves.

(Gosh, that sounds really cynical. Oops.)

Anyway, the new resume can be found here via Google Docs.

More site updates!

Just added a plugin called “I Like This” where you can simply “Like” a post instead of commenting on it! This is really popular on Tumblr, I know, because I do it all the time, instead of reblogging stuff. Hopefully you guys will like it and use it!

Ads and Tumblr crossposting

So the need to survive is growing greater than my pride and dignity, so I’ve signed up for Google AdWords. Now, now, don’t hate me yet; chances are, I won’t have time to implement this until the next layout change in six months (or so) so there won’t be ads yet. Just know that they will be here eventually.

Also, I’ve started a professional Tumblr (which can be found here), so if you’re on Tumblr, don’t be afraid to follow me!

I’m crossposting from Tumblr to WP and from WP to Tumblr, and I’m using two WordPress plugins for this. To take Tumblr posts and put them on WordPress, I’m using FeedWordpress which basically takes an RSS feed and posts it on your WordPress. To take my WordPress posts and put them on Tumblr, I’m using Tumblrize, which is a great plugin because all you have to do is put in your Tumblr email and your Tumblr password, and you’re basically done! It’s so easy to use and wonderful. Just like Tumblr itself!

In conclusion: Going to add ads soon, and crossposting to and from my Tumblr!


I’m finished with the new layout of the site, and I’ll be damned if I don’t say I’m a little proud of how it came out. I pulled at my hair; bitched and moaned; and worried constantly, but here’s the finished result. And it’s fabulous, I have to say! There are no sidebars or widgets to distract you, and the cuteness of the layout fits me better, I think. There’s just one thing that bugs me, but I don’t think I can fix it without killing the PHP.

Anyway, Took me a good chunk of two months to cobble this together, I hope you like it! I’ve also turned this site more into a blog with a portfolio, than a portfolio with a blog. (Confused? Sorry!) Didn’t plan on that. Will add posts from my artsy tumblr, and more personal posts posthaste!

So, onto my life. I’m more or less moving on with my life, but I still have to talk to one of my supervisors tomorrow. But I have freelance work in my future, which I think I’m more suited for anyway. (Working in your PJs. Awesome!)

In other news, February is gone. I sincerely miss the snow back in New York; all this sun is not good for my mental facilities. It almost snowed this past weekend, but California lied and it didn’t happen, at least not in the Bay Area.

March is coming up, which means tons and tons of birthdays! I recently got into crocheting and it is the most glorious craft-related thing I can do with hands. I’ve already given two as presents away, and because all of my friends’ birthdays seem to be in March, I have a ton of “homework” to do. Two this week, in fact, one more next week, and at least five more in the following two weeks, including the beginning of April! Not to mention my own is coming up, and I have to decide/plan what to do. Phew.


It’s been a loooong time, hasn’t it? Well, real life has kind of bogged me down, more or less.

But there’s a lot of new things coming up! I’m in the process of getting a new layout up, I’m switching entirely to the blog, among some other~ things, so check me out soon!