Cartoon Saturday: Lil’ Monsters by D-Bend Studio

Lil' Monsters by D-Bend Studio

These monsters are so cute. I love the apple in the middle, and the severed hand with the mask on the edge of the right side. So cool.

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Design Friday: Book Covers by Cardon Webb

Book Covers by Cardon Webb

This is amazing! These are book covers by Cardon Webb for books written by Oliver Sacks. I’ve never read any of them, but what a brilliant design idea!

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Sculpture Thursday: Steampunk Spider

Steampunk Spider by CatherinetteRings

God, steampunk is so awesome. Then again, if this sprung to life, I’d probably die of fright.

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Cute Wednesday: Sunbathing Pear

Sunbathing Pear by Yeoh Guan Hong

How freaking adorable is this pear?! (If you think that’s adorable, you should see the rest of the pear collection!)

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Typography Tuesday: Lesson on ‘The Man’

Didn’t you guys love School Of Rock too?

I don’t usually like the outer glow, but I really like it here.

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