Animal Monday: Tribal Tiger


Look at this awesome tribal tiger drawing! It was drawn by Iain Macarthur and the original post is here.

Here are some more awesome animal drawings by him:

Animal Monday: Amigurumi Tiger!

Amigurumi Tiger by BeyondCrochet

This is freaking adorable. I really, really want it.

(from here)

Animal Monday: Maru Uses Boxes

Guys, Maru is freaking adorable.

Maru has a box hat

(found here)

Animal Monday: Cat & Mouse by Simon Tofield

I love cats, I love cat videos, and I love Simon’s Cat:

(found here)

Animal Monday: Giraffe Tea Set

Giraffe Tea Set

What an adorable tea set! Inspired by Japanese culture and design, this giraffe tea set is on sale at Omoi, though it’s out of stock now. Now, I’m not entirely sure if Omoi just sells it or she makes it too, but Omoi is based out of Philly, but has an online store!