Cartoon Saturday: Wrapping Paper

Look at this adorable wrapping paper by Orange You Lucky!
Adorable Wallpaper
I love wrapping paper. And this one’s too cute!

I just found an awesome UK shop for really cute, colorful wrapping paper simply called Wrap. The Wrap store is actually based on a magazine, which showcases “illustration, design and creative culture” and they include a couple sheets of wrapping paper with each issue. Here’s a screenshot of some of their designs:
Wrapping Paper

I wish there was a store here in the US! I would buy so much. So. Much.

Cartoon Saturday: Lil’ Monsters by D-Bend Studio

Lil' Monsters by D-Bend Studio

These monsters are so cute. I love the apple in the middle, and the severed hand with the mask on the edge of the right side. So cool.

(found here)

Cartoon Saturday: Good Hair Day

Good Hair Day by ilovedoodle

This is seriously adorable.

(found here)

Cartoon Saturday: Ivan Rodero

I love puns. Puns are awesome.

Space Jamboree by Ivan Rodero

I also love the movie Space Jam, but this and that are two different things.

(found here)

Cartoon Saturday: I am Vengence by MISTERHIPP

If you thought I couldn’t get any geekier, I’m gonna add that I’m a slight Batman: The Animated Series fan. (I’m also a Batman Beyond fan, and a HUGE Batman: The Brave and the Bold fan). I mean seriously, I could go on and on about how awesome BTAS was, but I won’t, and you should thank me. Anyway, I am totally geeking over this fanart by MISTERHIPP right now.


Scarface/The Ventriloquist was my favourite baddie, so I’m so psyched to see him down there! And awwww, Harley is so adorable!

(found here)