Cute Wednesday: Cows!

On our podcast episode this week, we talk about animals, and I posted a picture of a Scottish Highland Cattle; cows are one of my favourite animals so this post is dedicated to cows!

Here’s a Scottish Highland Cattle; they are a type of cow that started out in Scotland, and just the cutest!
Scottish Highland Cattle

Next is an adorable picture I saw on Cute Overload, cows in coats! So cute!
Cows in Coats!

And here’s a picture my boyfriend shared with me, a cow that looks like his hair was blowdried and is all fluffy!

My love of cows started with Harvest Moon; with this cute cow:
Harvest Moon Cow

And my love of cows has only been enhanced over the years. Does that make me a weirdo? Probably.

Cute Wednesday: Sunbathing Pear

Sunbathing Pear by Yeoh Guan Hong

How freaking adorable is this pear?! (If you think that’s adorable, you should see the rest of the pear collection!)

(found here)

Cute Wednesday: Totoro Necklace

Totoro by yael360

yael360 makes the cutest charms and plushies. Even her “ugly” plush is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen.

(found here)

Cute Wednesday: Avocado Earrings

Avocado Earrings

I love avocados. I could eat them alone, I could eat them in sandwiches, I could eat them as guacamole with chips or by itself. It’s a shame I don’t know where these come from.

(found here)

Cute Wednesday: Yarn Earrings by Max’s World

I know this is coming from a crocheter, but dude, these are freaking adorable. I wish my ears were pierced.

Yarn Earrings by Max's World

These earrings were made by Max’s World, and the best part is that Max makes these knitted sculptures and “knitimations” and they are freaking fantabulous.