Design Friday: Book Covers by Cardon Webb

Book Covers by Cardon Webb

This is amazing! These are book covers by Cardon Webb for books written by Oliver Sacks. I’ve never read any of them, but what a brilliant design idea!

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Design Friday: Fortune 500 by Carl DeTorres

Fortune 500 by Carl DeTorres

I love the simplicity of this designer. It’s very clean but at the same time, there’s aspects of complexity. It’s just. So. Beautiful. (And he’s from California! Represent!)

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Design Friday: Upstream by Rebecca Stephany

Upstream by Rebecca Stephany

Since this is technically a font, I would’ve put it under Typography Tuesday, but this font was brilliantly designed. It’s all nice and diagonal and it’s just amazing.

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Design Friday: Dogwood Coffee Labels by Holmberg Design

These coffee labels are adorable.

Dogwood Coffee Labels by Holmberg Design

They’re done by Holmberg Design, who are based out of Minneapolis. They not only do packaging design, but they do branding, print design, sign design and web design.

Design Friday: Union Jewellery design by Red

I really love the branding for this jewellery store.

Union jewellery by Red

Union jewellery by Red

The branding was done by Red, an art direction and design group, who work out of Brighton in the UK. I also love the branding they did for The Barbican Blaze summer festival 2011. Be sure to watch the video near the bottom!