Free-For-All Sunday: Personified Kitchen Tools

Kid Friendly Kitchen Tools from Land of Nod

These are so cute! I would totally use these on a daily basis. They’re for sale at Land of Nod, but I’m not sure who the designer and manufacturer are.

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Free-For-All Sunday: Amigurumi Bob Ross

Bob Ross Amigurumi by Allison Hoffman

If you didn’t grow up watching Bob Ross wow you on PBS, you didn’t grow up right.

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Free-For-All Sunday: Tea Cupcakes

This brings together two things I love: tea and cupcakes. Basically the cutest thing ever.

Teacupcake by Lou Henry at A2 Inc

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Free-For-All-Sunday: Take the High Road by ilovedust

Take the High Road by ilovedust

This really awesome, I’d love to have the creativity to do something like this one day! It’s by ilovedust over at