Sculpture Thursday: Steampunk Spider

Steampunk Spider by CatherinetteRings

God, steampunk is so awesome. Then again, if this sprung to life, I’d probably die of fright.

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Sculpture Thursday: Lady Gaga Sculpture by spectrestudios

This is one of the most amazing dolls I’ve ever seen. And that’s not just the Gaga fan in me talking.

Lady Gaga sculpture doll by spectrestudios

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Sculpture Thursday: Grey Goo by Roxy Paine

Goop by Roxy Paine

These sculptures are so disturbing that they’re awesome. I mean seriously, look at them.

(found here)

Sculpture Thursday: Chess Pieces by Axel Brechensbauer

Chess Pieces by Axel Brechensbauer

What a fabulous collection of chess pieces! I’m not a “real” player, I mean, I basically most of the rules and that you have to get the king, but other than that, I’m clueless. But I can definitely appreciate the amazing look these have.

Sculpture Thursday: Drop Lamp by Philipp Aduatz

This lamp is absolutely obscene, and I love it.

Drop Lamp by Philipp Aduatz

This is by Philipp Aduatz, an Austrian artist, who has many other amazing functional sculptures, like the Singularity Table and the Melting Chair.