Typography Tuesday: Typadelic

Look at this awesome poster by Jamie Wieck who was part of the design company Airside.


Here’s some more work by Airside! They are no longer around, but they look like they were an awesome graphic design company!

Typography Tuesday: The Joker

Going back to sharing great typography! Today’s theme is The Joker, more specifically, lines from The Dark Knight.

Here’s a great kinetic type video of one of the “Why So Serious” scenes:

Here’s an amazing typographic portrait by EdUnderground:

edunderground Red Bubble

Here’s another great portrait of the Joker, this one by GeekSpeakPrints:

GeekSpeakPrints Etsy


And lastly, here’s another kinetic typography video, this one from the conversation between Joker and Two-Face:

Typography Tuesday: Lesson on ‘The Man’

Didn’t you guys love School Of Rock too?

I don’t usually like the outer glow, but I really like it here.

(found here)

Typography Tuesday: Fight Club Rules

Another one of my favourite kinetic typography videos. I just really love the textures in this.

(found here)

Typography Tuesday: Yes We Can

More kinetic typography! I’d really love to learn how to do this one day.

I’m a total Barack-ophile. It’s not that he can do no wrong, but I’m still on his side.

(found here)