Why Do I Blog?

The 2nd Zero to Hero assignment was to add a widget to the sidebar explaining the blog, so I did. And the 3rd Zero to Hero question is: “What was on your mind when you decided to start a blog?” It’s really a great question.

The reason I started this blog in particular was mainly to share my love of all things design, cute, and fandom-y. I wanted to share things I thought deserved recognition, and while I’m obviously not the first website to catch wind of this amazing thing, it deserves to have as much coverage as possible, which is where I would like to come in.

However, I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a journal or blog of some kind. I think keeping a record of what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, and your likes and dislikes is important. I love reflecting back on what I did on a specific day, how I felt, what I liked, who I was with, etc. It’s good to air out your feelings every once in a while, with complete strangers, or even with close online friends, because sometimes, it’s better to get advice and comfort from someone through the internet than in person. Sometimes, it’s just what you need. I think social media is great in terms of sharing things with your friends, but I think being able to hash out your thoughts, without character or word constraints, is important.

I actually met my best friend online. I know her best as her screen name, but her name in real life is Jade. I honestly don’t know what I would have done in college without her. She was my rock; I knew she would always be there for me. We’ve drifted apart over the years; we both have significant others now, lives got in the way, but I know if I texted or called her (especially if I called, she knows I hate doing that) she would be 100% there for me. And I would do the same.

Happy March!

Happy March, everyone! The new blog look is updated and I think it looks pretty spiffy. The background I got from here: Pattern8.com. I also fixed up the front “splash” page of my website. I really like handwriting font. Image maps are a new thing, but it wasn’t too hard, so I’m happy!

On the Daily Post page, there was a page called “Zero to Hero,” which had a bunch of blogging assignments, but it was taken down yesterday, for revamping. However, I managed to save a PDF, and I’m working on the first day, which is to introduce yourself.

So here goes nothing!

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Almost done…!

I’m nearly done putting the finishing touches on my new blog and portfolio designs, so I’m definitely happy about that.

I’m going to go back to my Inspiration of the Day posts, and to repeat, my schedule will be:

  • Animal Monday
  • Typography Tuesday
  • Cute Wednesday
  • Sculpture Thursday
  • Design Friday
  • Cartoon Saturday
  • Free-For-All Sunday

But I’m posting because I found this awesome daily prompt blog at Daily Post @ WordPress.com. I love writing prompts. I don’t mind talking, but I never know what to talk about, so I’m glad that WordPress came out with a daily prompt blog! Today’s word prompt is about risk, and I might work on it later, but there’s so much work to do today…

I’ve been trying to get my mom to start a blog on either WordPress or Blogger. Blogger would be easier since she already has a gmail, and it’s a simpler form for her. And she’s into photography, so I’m glad that Daily Post has a weekly photography prompt.

Taylor has also been thinking of starting a blog, and he was an English major, and Daily Post also has a daily writing prompt pdf for download!

I’m so inspired to do something and create right now, I think I’m gonna go to Michael’s and buy some felt so I can finish my presents off!

Valentine’s Day Weekend

Picture post! Pictures have been slightly edited and cropped by yours truly.

So, this weekend started off with Valentine’s Day on Friday. My poor boyfriend works part time for a delivery company, and volunteered for V-Day duty. He had to deliver over 40 presents Friday. I, on the other had, had to stay a little after to help train my co-worker to take over my current position. So we had time to rest up before our dinner reservation at 7:45.

He gave me an adorable card set:
Valentine's Day card set from Taylor

Slight backstory: I started him on the show Supernatural, and now he’s further along in the series than I am. He’s a Sam fan, while I’m a Dean girl, but we’re both Team Cas, because Cas is basically the best thing in the world.

The restaurant we went to was called Yuki Sushi (4sq, yelp). We had this delicious appetizer called Hot & Spicy Tuna Tartare:
Sushi Nachos

But I liked to call it sushi nachos. Whatever. I’m not fancy. Taylor also got a huge plate of tempura and I had some delicious sushi rolls. They also gave us these adorable chocolate covered oreos and they were the perfect dessert!

We went back to my house to watch Young Frankenstein, which I fell asleep watching since it was such a long day. …Oops! But Taylor let me borrow it so it’s alright!

On Saturday, two of my good friends, Joanna and Stefanie, and I went up to CuriOdyssey (4sq, yelp) and it was so cute! Half of it was like a little lab for young children to experiment in, and the other half was a small zoo. Very cute.

Here’s an adorable grumpy burrowing owl!
Grumpy burrowing owl

Saturday evening, I went to see another good friend of mine, Dorothy. We caught up over boba, and saw the Oscar nominated movie, American Hustle. It was really good, not my usual type of movie, but really good.

Then, Sunday, Taylor and I had a reservation at Azucar Lounge (4sq, yelp) through HowAboutWe for Couples. It was a very trendy lounge and we sat on a couch and ate on a coffee table, and had some Mayan Chocolate cocktails and churros with mexican chocolate. So good, and the Mayan Chocolates were very strong!
Mayan Chocolate and Churros

I didn’t have President’s Day off, but after work I got to have dinner with my very favourite cousin, Eva, and my lovely mom.

I hope everyone else had a pleasant weekend! I’m still working on the new portfolio view and the job hunt, but it’s coming along!

Nearly two and a half years later…

Two and a half years since I last posted… that’s quite a long time. I’m exhausted just thinking about all the time that’s gone by! I feel like so much has happened, and yet nothing really has happened at all.

I wasn’t going to try to explain what has happened to me all this time, but I will briefly go over two big life events that happened to me.

Between February 2012 and March 2012, the trial for my brother began. Things didn’t go well for our side; I still don’t know how I feel about it, and I won’t say anything else regarding the matter, except that I am so over Hawaii now. The trials were located there, and frankly if I never have to go back to the islands again, I would be oh-so-totally-fine with that.

Some time in the summer of 2012, I met the adorable, amazing Taylor, and we started dating. We go on adventures together, teach each other new things, and best of all, tolerate each other ♥. He’s turned into one of my favourite people, and if he ever found out about this, he’d hold it against me forever, so with that I’ll just leave it at that.

So! Moving on!

At the beginning of the year, my trainer, Devin, has gave me a resolution list for the year:

  • At least one unassisted pull up
  • 10 minute mile
  • Better back!

These are going to be hard. I’ve only ever completed one whole running mile and it was really difficult, but I’m excited because Devin gave me pointers on how to run better, and it actually makes me run better! So I really hope to be able to do the 10 minute mile. As for the pull ups…that’s another story. Pull ups are so hard, and my grip strength is not great.

So, I decided to draw up a list of New Years resolutions too. I am determined to see these through this year! Here is the list I came up with:

  • New job!
  • Wear hair down more
  • Read at least 26 books
  • Create more
  • Back to blogging

I’ve already started doing the second one, and so I’m starting on the fifth one now! I haven’t made much process on my reading list, but I’ve been trying to create more! I’ve been trying to get back to crocheting more since I owe a couple of presents.

As for the new job, I’ve spruced up my resume, and already sent it off to a dozen or so places. I have to update my LinkedIn still, but other than that I’m all set. I want to try to have a new position by the beginning of March, at most by my birthday.

Moving on to other business… I’m going to change my website look. I love the way it looks, but it’s got a lot of bugs, and I don’t know PHP well enough yet to fix it. But I have to set up my portfolio on WordPress before I can do that.

So, I’m keeping busy! Gotta keep busy! I’ll go back to a normal posting schedule again soon. I’m anxious to start blogging again, but also excited. I also want to start posting in my fandom blog again, but I haven’t watched anything off Netflix in ages. It would just be me going “holy crap guys did you see that shocking surprise on 24 from 6 years ago?”

Okay! Carmen out!

A Carmen Update

Yay! Some job updates! I’m working with MOVAAR, a non-profit, student movement, that give students learning experiences through mentoring, project development, and networking to create scholarships. I’m their graphic designer, and I’ve made some business cards, newsletters, fliers, color templates, etc. It’s very exciting!

I’ve also left my internship, sadly – they really were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I got a real job though! I’ve decided to apply for an admin/web design job at Australian Products Company, and while I didn’t actually get the position I wanted, I’m working really hard and the people there are really nice too (I’m fortunate that way) so I’m happy! Plus, like I said on Wednesday, I’m actually planning on getting an iMac as soon as I save enough money. I’m excited about that!

Last night, I went to my first Sharks game in about 15 years, and it was awesome! I had loads of fun, and the Sharks won (WOOHOO!). I don’t bleed teal and black yet, but it was definitely a good time! I’m just glad hockey is easy enough to understand; baseball and football confuse the stuffing out of me!

And that’s all that’s going on with me right now!

Apologies for the abrupt delay

Real life has gotten a hold of me again.

My internship is getting busier now that the big fundraiser is approaching. Lots of things to do, including updating and adding new pages to the program, designing a logo for the organization’s blog, and designing some plaques/award certificates for the donors and the school districts. Nothing too fancy, but enough projects to keep me busy. I’ve also applied to a couple jobs here and there, but again, helping out at the internship has been keeping me pretty busy.

In blog news, I’ve decided to have theme days! I love theme parties (as long as I can find something to wear, anyway), so why not transfer them to my blog, where, technically, it should be an extension of myself. I was thinking like, Design Tuesday, Cute Wednesday, Sculpture Thursday, stuff like that, and then on Sunday or something, have like a general “what’s going on in my life” day. I feel like this will give me more structure to go off of, so I know what to post and stuff like that.

In my personal life, since the middle of June, I’ve been going to the gym and training with a trainer. If you told a younger me, even one from a year ago, that I would be doing this today, I’d not only laugh in your face, but probably also check you for signs of mental illness. However, I’m relatively happy (though sore) and my trainer is super nice, and I’m going to the gym with my friend (who helped me sign up), so I feel like an adult. Which is cool and weird at the same time. I’m eating meat again, which sucks, but health is more important than principles right now, isn’t it?

I also just went to my first LGBT wedding out in Yosemite over the weekend. One of my very old friends (we’ve known each other for 11 years now) just married her partner, and it was just such a beautiful and adorable wedding. I hope you guys have a long and happy marriage, Shawna and Stacey! ♥ This is the second friend wedding I’ve been to, and boy, do I feel like I’m getting old.

And finally, there was some business with my brother, and it feels like the media over here is hounding us when we just don’t want to talk. On one hand, I understand that it’s their job, but on the other, I honestly don’t think they care for our privacy at all. This is all just really hard, and they aren’t helping at all. I’d say some rude words to express just how angry I am, but it wouldn’t help anyone’s case.

Anyway, sorry again for the mini-hiatus. I’ll start posting stuff now!

Busy, busy, busy!

Again, apologies. This blog had to be put on the back-burner while I was getting reacquainted with Real Life stuff. I’m doing work stuff (times two) and planning on going to a Yosemite wedding all in one day and I just feel a little stressed. On top of that, I’m half-sick because of my allergies.

Anyway, China pictures have been sorted through, but I have no time to post them! I’m going to start my Inspiration of the Days again, and just post the China pics when I’m done.

I have some big news! I’ve started as a Graphic/Web Design Intern at a startup non-profit called MOVAAR. It’s an inspiring non-profit where students can help out other students in developing countries enroll in higher education, as well as help students who are already abroad gain scholarships. I’m not totally confident in my skills (but I’m willing to learn and grow, as everyone should be) so I’m only trying this out on a trial basis, but I’m excited! I feel like this is finally something I can do without it being too difficult to reach the unbelievably high standards that are usually set.

And at my old internship, I’m doing less graphic design jobs and more tutoring and supervising graphic design jobs which I don’t really feel like I’m qualified to do, and it’s not my first choice in jobs, but I don’t really have a choice seeing as I’m not exactly getting paid. (Yes, still.)

Anyway, enough grumbling! I’m probably going to delete My Flavor of Fandom until next year – I think half a year of not doing your New Year’s Resolution is long enough for me.

Back from China

Hello everybody! I’m back and all shiny from China. It was an amazing but exhausting trip, and while that’s not the best combination, it’s certainly better than a crappy and exhausting one! I have pictures, but I will wait until next week to share them – it’s going to take a while to compile and put together!

Meanwhile, I can say that I’ve read fair share of books, including several mystery novels starring a high school teacher and his baseball playing boyfriend. They’re really good, especially since I’m a huge fan of gay characters and mysteries. The series is simply called “Tom & Scott Mysteries” and they’re by Mark Richard Zubro. I read the first two: A Simple Suburban Murder and Why Isn’t Becky Twitchell Dead? I found the mysteries really compelling, and the pauses for couple stuff between Tom and Scott are completely adorable.

I also read some awesome teen summer romance books by Hailey Abbot. The books are kind of predictable, and some of the protagonists got on my nerves, but they’re super sweet and good for a fun, no-nonsense read. Like I said, I read several of them: Forbidden Boy, Getting Lost with Boys, The Other Boy, Waking Up to Boys, The Perfect Boy. My favourite one might be Getting Lost with Boys; it was just way too cute a story. The Other Boy has this hilarious scene where the slightly spoiled brat of a protagonist cooks a meal and it turns out so horribly wrong, that you just can’t help laughing. Brilliant.

I also watched three movies on the plane ride back. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is a story of two men in love with the same girl. I won’t give anything away, only that the guy I was rooting for totally got his lady. (Oh yeah!) It was much better than “normal romantic comedies” since I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to keep you guessing who the girl will pick in the end. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. /chickflicks

I also finally watched Despicable Me and wow, yeah, I totally should’ve watched that movie earlier. The minions were so cute and the story is really good. Did that make a lot of money? That should’ve made a lot of money. And the last movie I saw was called Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow; the summary I read, which got me watching it, said that Detective K is “Korea’s answer to Sherlock Holmes.” Me on my mystery kick, I watched it and thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of it. The comedy is very apparent in acting, and the story was intricate enough to keep you guessing. And the twist at the end was genius! I’m not sure if this character was an actual literary character, or if the character was made up recently, but I thought it seemed very genuine and fun.

More on China next week!