What’s In My Bag?

Another random Sunday video! I’ve been watching a lot of “What’s In My Bag” or “What’s In My Purse” videos and wanted to join in on the fun! On the weekends, I use a separate “weekend” bag, so I’m showing what I put in my “weekend” bag vs what’s in my “weekday” bag (AKA my work bag).

Let me know what you think! And let me know what I should start putting in my daily bag, what you want to carry now that you’ve seen my video, and what you put in your bag!​

My Recencies: September 2-8

My Recencies

Another week, another My Recencies post! Every week, I will handwrite 5 things I did that week that made me happy, take a picture of it, and post it on Instagram. And that is what I (now) call My Recencies! Without any further ado, here is what I did this week!

Here’s a preview of #MyRecencies this week! My list is a little different this week!

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Here are #MyRecencies this week! Everything on my list is from this past Labor Day weekend! This weekend was so great, I had to dedicate my #HappyList this week to it!

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Inspiration Thursday: Lots of YouTube Catch-up!

Inspiration Thursday

Whenever I get to Thursday, I just feel like I need some extra inspiration to get me to Friday. This is what is getting me through today!

I’ve been catching up on videos posted in the past couple weeks and I finally watched this one:

I really liked it; I don’t like mean pranks but this one was silly and perfect! (Except for maybe one of the presents at the end, but Julien seemed okay with it.)

As usual, I LOVE William Haynes and People Be Like. I have been obsessing about this awesome video for the past week or so so I have to share it here:

And finally, The Dan Cave is my favourite segment of Nerdist News because I love his voice and his personality! Here’s a semi-recent segment on the Runaways. I like it when he explains things I don’t know yet because I feel like he really gets into the things I want to know about (even though he spoiled me on a huge plot twist at the end).

Let me know what you’re geeking out about this week!