My Recencies: August 12-18

My Recencies

Another week, another My Recencies post! Every week, I will handwrite 5 things I did that week that made me happy, take a picture of it, and post it on Instagram. And that is what I (now) call My Recencies! Without any further ado, here is what I did this week!

Here’s a preview for this week’s #MyRecencies! • • • • #HappyList #notebooks #notebook #notebookaddict #Clairefontaine #pens #pen #Sakura #SakuraPigmaMicron #Marvy #MarvyLePen #stationery #stationeryaddict

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Inspiration Thursday: Snacks and Vlogs

Inspiration Thursday

Whenever I get to Thursday, I just feel like I need some extra inspiration to get me to Friday. This is what is getting me through today!

I really like SourceFed, and I get real snack-y at work so Reina (of SourceFed) eating snacks on her YouTube channel was a perfect video to watch!

I’ve been really loving WahlieTV (Wah and Weylie’s vlog channel) and this has been my favourite so far (even though there’s no Weylie :()

Please let me know what’s been inspiring you to get you through today!

Check Out Episode #82 of the We’re The Worst Podcast!

If you didn’t already know, I started a podcast with my good friend Sowmya, and we’re over at We’re The Worst podcast! We talk about a bunch of things, from food to our aspirations and we even play games! This is what we were up to this week!


This episode was a Game Time episode! We play a couple games like Chat Pack and Family Dinner, but the best part of the day was hanging out with Sowmya for the rest of the day! We ate and watched a movie and went window shopping (for the most part)! You can kinda watch what we did on my Snapshot Saturday here!

You can listen to the episode here and check out the rest of our episodes on our website!

Pen Showcase: Pentel Brush Pen for Calligraphy

Pen Showcase

This is a series about the pens I have! Part review, part discussion, I’ll try and highlight things I like and dislike, and then things I’ve heard from other people (probably other reviews, or the Pen Addict).

And finally I wrote some pangrams down on a new Rhodia Dot Pad I got: