C2C Blanket

Twisted Kraken Hat

This one I started in 2021 and finished early 2022; basically about 15 or so days. This was a gift for Taylor, and here is the link to the pattern. I ended up having a couple of issues with the hat, and if I could, I would redo about half of it; the eyes are a little too downward facing, and the tentacles, no matter how hard I tried, would not curl the way the pattern does. It’s still a good pattern, and I hope to make another one day!

Bulky Moss Stitch Blanket

This pattern was basically self-drafted, as it’s just two stripes of moss stitch in each color. I just kept crocheting rows until I finished the number of skeins I wanted to finish. I hate this yarn so much, because it’s very difficult to use, so my goal was to make a big blanket to use up as much of the yarn as I could.

If you want to learn moss stitch blanket, I linked to this pattern on my Ravelry because it’s about the same colors, and easy instructions.

C2C Squares Blanket

I just started this one yesterday! I bought this yarn last year because I wanted to use it for a blanket, and never got around to it. The pattern I originally wanted to use it for was the Groovy-ghan pattern, and I still want to make that pattern one day, but I think the colors I got fit better for the C2C Blanket from this link instead.

Let me know which one of these you like, and what you’ve been making so far!

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