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Planner Flip Thru: April 2021 (Cloth & Paper)


Hello all my buddies, this is Carmen, and I’m here with my April Flip Thru! I should really start decorating these title pages… I just haven’t moved my washi tape from my old place yet…

First up, of course is my overview page, and all my goals for April. I’m very proud of myself, I did a little bit from each category, even though I didn’t finish it all. I crossed off a lot of stuff, though, and that makes me feel better from my lackluster March. On the left in Notes, I do some generic blog notes and goals.

Next, my monthly overview. There’s a “Done” list on the left there; I mentioned this before, but I do this as a positive reminder that I am actually doing something and not just being generally unproductive since my to-do list is always so long. On the actual month/dates, I plan out blog posts and videos, and then I put an X once it’s scheduled. For me, it’s better to plan out posts physically and then type them out later. I just find it easier to look at Post-Its and move them around.

Finally, my weekly layouts. If you didn’t watch my March flip-thru, it was basically an uninspired month. I eased back into getting my motivation back up to work on the blog and other ventures. This month, I also wanted to talk about my stickers more, all of the stickers I’m using are from this old, old, old Recollections sticker book. I just needed to use up all the stickers, so this first week of April, very easter-y theme. I’m not a huge Easter person, in fact not religious at all, but I still think it’s a nice spread with some cute eggs.

Second week, love the wood print theme, very subtle colors. This week I had my first vaccination shot! Woo, team Moderna! I also worked on my productivity and my time blocking this week, I think the time blocking is really helpful. (So are noise cancelling headphones, by the way! Mine are great!)

Third week, I LOVE this theme you guys! These calming colors and I used a different ink for the headers on this week to match, and I find the stickers on the sides of the days just decorative, so it’s just fun to look at. Functional stickers I usually use more, but this time, these were more decorative, and it just makes me so happy. I think this week I did a lot of crocheting because I had just finished my March blanket and I’m loving the pattern on the April blanket. If you don’t know, I’m crocheting a blanket a month and I’m running late! I’m still on the April blanket, and it’s the first week of May.

This last week, I scanned this before it was finished. I actually don’t love this theme; I’m the only person I know who doesn’t like butterflies or most flowers, but I do like rainbows? I did these stickers this week because of that phrase April showers bring May flowers, so I put the two flower stickers on May and the rainbows coming in because of the rain (even though we didn’t get any here in California) and then the butterflies are here because of the flowers. This week was fountain pen ink heavy because I just found out a company (Montegrappa) partnered with Warner Brothers to bring some licensed Harry Potter inks. When I found out, I was both immediately like “I want them all!” and “I don’t want to give anymore money to that TERF (JK Rowling)”, so I got some samples of the Harry Potter inks and then some more samples of dupes for the inks, since I couldn’t find anyone doing dupes of these yet.

Anyway, that’s all I did this past week.

And that’s it! Let me know April went for you guys! I was super productive in April, and I hope to do more time blocking and planning in May.

Thanks for watching everyone, bye!

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