Planner Flip Thru: August 2021 (Cloth & Paper)


Hello all my buddies, this is Carmen, and welcome to another flip-thru of my Cloth and Paper planner! I’ve been a little preoccupied this month due to work, family issues, and a vacation so this month is… well, you’ll see.

Let’s jump straight into my title pages. It’s August! I had this magazine with pretty, naturalist pictures, so I decided to incorporate them into this month. The stickers on both of these pages are all from Daiso, except for the blue and red striped sticker at the top of the left page. The scrap kraft paper is from an old notebook. The blue and red striped sticker is from a Recollections holiday sticker book from Michaels. They’re the main sticker source in this planner.

Next is my monthly goals page. Just like last month, I barely looked at my planner in August. I did all of the decorating during the first week of August and then the first week of September before I scanned these images in. So, basically, this month is empty of plans. However, it is very colorful! Again, all the stickers are from Daiso, except for the green, plant-y one at the top of the left page. I didn’t even fill out my to do list! smh. The green, plant-y sticker is also from the Recollections holiday sticker book.

Next is my monthly overview! Look how empty it is! On the month days, I put blog and videos that went up; all the other scheduled posts I took off because I didn’t want to look at my forgotten posts, except now it might look worse… The two stickers on the right are also from the Recollections holiday sticker book.

The first week of August. Look how optimistic and filled out this week is! I was so hopeful that this month had potential for me to get back into it. Again, all the stickers here are from the Recollections holiday sticker book. I thought the green was a nice theme, it’s very well put together.

The rest of the weeks, I decorated on September 5-6, so that’s how this month went. I didn’t have time to do anything! But, I didn’t want to leave a blank planner, and I do want to use up my planning supplies if only to get more, so onto the next week!

The second week of August. I have this pad of Shiro Petto memo notes, and I cut those up and used them in the designs. I tried to find a memo sheet that kinda matched the stickers of that day. The images are from the magazine, it is of lavender. On this page, I used a glue stick, and I like the texture that provides. However, it does bulk the planner up a little more than I like, so I used double-sided tape the rest of the time. And of course, all the stickers here are from the Recollections holiday sticker book.

Third week of August. All of these sheets are from my friend Sowmya, she purchased them from AliExpress. I don’t know the shop name or link, sorry! I tried to rip them so that they looked interesting. Then, on top of them, I pasted more magazine cut outs, these are from my teens! Oh man, some of these cutouts are from 15 years ago. As before, all the stickers here are from the Recollections holiday sticker book.

Fourth week of August. More old magazine cutouts! I covered up some of the stickers, again from the Recollections holiday sticker book, but I liked the way this came out.

And finally, the end of August, first week of September. Since this week was mostly September, I would’ve put this week in my September month if I was in charge of this planner. However, because I didn’t update this planner until September, I just decided to include it in the August theme. I had another large picture from the naturalist magazine, and I ripped it into 8ths and put them on each of the sections, careful not to cover the stickers. I had to get rid of the one for Sunday, since Sunday’s sticker takes up the whole section. I wrote on top with Sharpie. And of course, say it with me, all the stickers here are from the Recollections holiday sticker book.

I hope to catch up somewhat in September, but who knows what the future holds! I will try to remain optimistic, and am updating my planner for September, but we’ll see if that pans out.

Anyway, let me know what you think! It was fun decorating these weeks, but I am excited to go back to planning instead.

Thanks for watching everyone!

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