Chatty Crochet With Me #20: TV Series I Watched in 2020


Hello all my buddies, this is Carmen, and welcome to another Chatty Crochet With Me!

In this video series, I will be crocheting something while talking about a random topic, like we’re just hanging out, and maybe you’re crocheting too! This is definitely not a tutorial video.

I definitely did not finish my May blanket yet; I’m waiting for it to be a bit cooler before finishing it… and I had to do some reorganizing for my queued up projects, putting the larger, thicker blankets towards the colder months. So I’m starting my June blanket today, let’s all pretend it’s still June. I’m using my leftovers from my April blanket to make this Baby Blocks Blanket! If you didn’t watch my April vlog, I’ll link it in the video; as a reminder the yarn is Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Tranquil, and Loops and Threads Impeccable Solids in Butterscotch and Pale Gray. Link for the pattern will be in the description.

I’m just starting today, but when reading the pattern for this, it seems like you really have to pay attention to the pattern and counting when doing this, so I’m going to try a different video format. I’ll record a top down video of me crocheting and then put the voiceover for the topic on top of it. Let me know what you think of this type of video, I’m interested in what you all think!

Last video I talked about the movies I watched in 2020, so today I wanted to go over the TV series and other media I consumed in 2020! This time, I will not have spoilers, but I still linked the timestamps below if you wanted to skip ahead.

Hamilton – Taylor and I actually got to see this in theaters mere WEEKS before everything shut down for the year. I was very fortunate, that we got to see it, that I ended up loving it so much (in general I just don’t like musicals that aren’t animated), and that we got tickets for so cheap (I can’t remember the exact price, but the total ended up being just over $100). I cried so much during the show, and the emotion stays with me when I listen to the soundtrack, and when I rewatched the movie when it came out on Disney Plus. As much as I thoroughly love the show, I can’t watch this in theaters a second time; when I watch or listen to the second half, I get too emotional during the entire second half and opt to duck out after the intermission, and that’s not fair to the people I would potentially go with, not fair to the people who could have bought my tickets and stayed the whole time, and not fair to the actors, who deserve a standing ovation at the end! I included Hamilton in this video instead of the movie video because honestly, you need to see this in person!

The Office – I got Taylor to watch this finally, and we binged a lot of this series in 2020! We didn’t finish it; like a lot of people, Taylor didn’t like Season 9 and so he didn’t finish it.

Star Trek Enterprise – So, I finally got around to watching Star Trek Enterprise, I had seen all of the other ones in previous years, and finished Voyager in 2019, but didn’t get around to starting Enterprise until 2020. I knew this one was the series with Connor Trinneer, who guested in my favorite sci-fi series Stargate Atlantis, so I was excited to see him again.

Tiger King – I watched this with everyone else and yes, it is as crazy as it seems! I had also listened to a podcast about it earlier in the year, and I think it covered the same items, but it was super interesting to watch some of the footage that they had. Really fascinating!

Fargo – I watched Season 4 in 2020. This season was set in the late 50s with some racial issues, and it seemed fitting to have it air this year with all the George Floyd protests. This season also had Timothy Olyphant in it!

Haven – I rewatched this whole show, and finally got around to watching the final season. I used to love this show so much, it was such an interesting addition and concept to the supernatural genre; if you haven’t seen it, check it out. Like all SyFy shows, it’s kinda quirky, but I really love the characters on that show. And yes, there’s a love triangle theme, thank you; it kept college-me extremely addicted to the show.

Mentalist – I didn’t watch this when it came out, because this came out at the same time as Psych, which has a similar concept, and Psych is much better in terms of silliness and the characters are better, in my opinion, but this was still an interesting show to catch up on. Plus, I watched this at the very beginning of the lockdown, when I was at home and didn’t have anything else to do, so.

Agents of SHIELD – I watched Season 6 in 2020. I found this season really interesting, in terms of the team structure and the problems that the team have to deal with. And that’s all I can say without spoilers.

Never Have I Ever – This series was really good and I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. It stars a teenage girl who has to deal with typical high school problems, the problems with growing up Indian-American, and problems with her family dynamic. Such a heart-wrenching, lovely show!

Avatar The Last Airbender – Taylor had never seen this, so we started watching this during the pandemic. He didn’t watch it for the same reason I didn’t watch it at first, it looks like an American cartoon, trying to be a Japanese anime, and he didn’t want to watch “American anime”. But I was convinced to watch it, and I managed to convince him to watch it, and it is the best show intended for children, possibly ever? It deals with some real issues and if you still haven’t seen it, you should really check it out.

The Legend of Korra – I hadn’t watched this when it came out because it wasn’t on any streaming services, so when we finished ATLA, we jumped straight into Korra. It showed the stark difference between Aang’s stint as Avatar and Korra’s stint as Avatar, because Korra, man, never got a freaking break! [It was one bad guy after another and honestly I was like every baddie wants to freaking destroy the world? The stakes were too damn high, every time!]

Mandalorian S2 – I really insist that this show could be great for non-Star-Wars fans, because this is a western dressed up in Star Wars outfits. This season, there’s some things that only Star Wars fans will really care about, like the glowing artifacts, and guest appearances by some characters. But really, it’s a show about sticking to your values, completing your mission (and it’s various side-quests), and THE CUTEST BABY. I’m not even taking other submissions at this time, this is the cutest baby.

Forged in Fire – This is a knife, sword, and general weapon-smithing reality TV competition show. Taylor stumbled across Season 6 this show on Netflix and we watched one episode out of curiosity…and then it exploded into us watching the whole series (which was available on Hulu), and Taylor even bought the first series to watch. We are somehow super invested in a show where neither of us knew anything about the subject matter beforehand (and still don’t know much about the actual bladesmithing process) but have hard opinions about all the people on the show. It’s really addicting, and it actually is no longer on Hulu, just Season 7, which we are now fully diving into.

And that’s mostly it everyone; I also watched a lot of true crime shows and a lot of podcasts too, but a lot of the shows I watched was on Hulu and they don’t have a watch history available, and podcasts would take too long, maybe that will be my next Crochet With Me Topic? We’ll see!

Let me know what TV series or limited series you watched that you liked! I’m always looking for recs!

And of course, thanks for watching everyone!

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