Check Out Episode #73 of the We’re The Worst Podcast!

If you didn’t already know, I started a podcast with my good friend Sowmya, and we’re over at We’re The Worst podcast! We talk about a bunch of things, from food to our aspirations and we even play games! This is what we were up to this week!


In our latest episode, we talk about candy! One of my favourite things to snack on, I just love a little sweet to cheer me up sometimes. We talk about all things candy-like, from chocolate to hard fruit candy. Some behind-the-scenes info for you guys, we were contemplating eating sweets while we recorded this, but we didn’t want those slurps on mic. Instead, we had some before and after! Sowmya gave me some delicious mango candy and I finished it that day. Yum!

You can listen to the episode here and check out the rest of our episodes on our website!

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