Corona Hard Seltzer

These are all the beers (and other beverages) that I had in 2020 that I recorded on Untapped. Above are all the pictures that I took of the beer. Down below are all screenshots from the app. I’m sure I had a lot more that I didn’t record, because I didn’t record the ciders from my featured image (those were from a local brewery called Redwood Coast Ciders); I would also buy some 16oz beer cans to try at home, and would sometimes forget to record those.

As you can tell, I really like sours and ciders. My favorites were Modern Times’ Laser Rain, 2 Towns Ciderhouse’s Good Limes Roll, and Full Circle Brewing Company’s Pie in the Sky (the one I had was Mixed Berry, but I also saw that they make an Apricot).

All the images are linked with if you want to see an enlarged version.

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