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So, I was inspired by my What I Drank: 2020 Short Recap post, showcasing my drinking habits of 2020, that I wanted to expand to a full month and go a little more in-depth that verges into review territory (though, I’m not categorizing it as such). Well, I’m not a regular drinker, but I will buy the occasional beer if it strikes my fancy. My rules are: if it is a sour or a cider, if it looks cool (the logo or the packaging), or if it has a punny or silly name. Here are the beers or alcoholic drinks I drank this month.

Strainge Beast’s Ginger, Lemon & Hibiscus

Strainge Beast is a line of hard kombucha made by Sierra Nevada. Honestly, I love kombucha (though, you know, some are really gnarly), so I also really love hard kombucha. This one was gingery and sweet, kind of like a hard ginger beer. You can kind of still taste the “kombucha” taste, but it’s not as strong as it could have been I bought this to have with my mom, who loves ginger and ginger beer, and she really liked it. This is not the first hard kombucha that I’ve tried, but the first one was at a friend’s house and I honestly cannot remember what it was called. This is the first one I’ve bought, and I loved it! I love the interesting product name and really, really love the art work on the packaging. I saw that they also have a Passion Fruit, Hops, and Blood Orange, and the only thing stopping me from trying it is the “Hops” part of that name, because otherwise it sounds delicious.

Dionysus Brewing Company’s Up, Up, Down Down

Honestly, I will buy anything that is video game themed and try it once, that’s why I really like that they sell these tall cans separately so I can try them. If I hate it, at least I didn’t buy a four-pack. And, I didn’t hate this one; it was a little on the bitter side and it was a little more hoppy than I would’ve liked, but it was light and crisp for sure, and that’s why I like pilsners. I’ve never bought from this brewery before, but I love the name, and I really like the packaging. I’d buy this one again, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Aurum Cider Company’s Wildcide Hard Cider

This was a gift from a friend of Taylor’s. It was pretty good, but it was also your standard hard apple cider, I didn’t note anything super special from this specific cider. But the logo is so cute, I really love the cut up quality of the apple and how it looks like it was peeled.

All the images are linked to the attachment page, if you want to see an enlarged version.

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