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What I Drank: July & August 2021 Recap

In my on going “What I Drank” series, I will talk about some alcoholic beverages that I had during the timespan, and provide a brief description and review of sorts. Here is what I had in July and August! There’s not a lot here because I had a bigger workload during end of July and early August, so I didn’t feel like drinking (I usually drink to celebrate the end of the week, or end of the day).

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Pineapple Mimosa (VBJ Winery’s Prosecco with Trader Joe’s Pineapple Juice)

In June, my friends and I took a winery trip to Sonoma County and one of my purchases was VBJ Winery’s Prosecco, with the intent to have a mimosa day! I actually had this over the course of two days during the long, holiday weekend and it was very good! The prosecco itself was a little dry, and not too alcoholic. My usual recipe is one and a half parts juice and one part prosecco, but it’s up to you how much juice you put in, I guess!

Booch Craft’s Apple Jasmine Hard Kombucha

This was pretty good! Thanks to the apple in there, it tasted like a hard cider with some kombucha flavors in there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any jasmine notes… I would’ve liked to have more of a floral taste! But that’s okay.

Shadow Puppet Brewing Company’s Mangoyaya

My friend Julie and I went to our favorite local bar, Taplands, and Taylor came too! I was driving, so I only had one drink, the Mangoyaya from Shadow Puppet Brewing Company! It was rather tart, and pretty had a pretty good mango flavor. I’d totally get this again! I didn’t take a picture of it, so here’s the Untapped profile page for the beer.

12 Bridge Ciderworks Summer Daze

Another cider from my cider box back in June! This one was pretty standard apple cider. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. It was good with a strong apple flavor.

Jiant Hard Kombucha’s Guavamente

I saw this for sale at Taplands and had to get it. I was lucky because they said it was the last one! This hard kombucha was guava and mint, and it was so refreshing! It was definitely more guava than mint, and the mint was only a slight after taste. This one is so good, I would love to try more of this brand!

All the images are linked to the attachment page, if you want to see an enlarged version.

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