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What I Drank: March & April 2021 Recap

In my on going “What I Drank” series, I will talk about some alcoholic beverages that I had during the timespan, and provide a brief description and review of sorts. Here is what I had in March and April!

Kona Spiked Island Seltzer Variety Pack

I love these little tropical flavored seltzers! My favorite one is definitely tropical punch, but they’re all really good! The Passionfruit Orange Guava definitely tasted like a good POG that you would get during brunch, and the Strawberry Guava was the perfect amount of sweetness. The Starfruit Lime is okay; starfruit is just a really hard, light flavor to capture, so you just get the lime, and I don’t feel “lime” is a tropical enough flavor on its own. However, I like that they’re not too strong for a drink with dinner, and like all seltzers, they’re only 100 calories!

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All-Day Mimosa Fest

My bosses gave me this wonderful bottle of champagne for our housewarming, but since Taylor is not a champagne drinker, I decided to have an all-day mimosa fest. I played Animal Crossing and had mimosas and my only regret was that I forgot to take a picture of my massive mimosas!

Sandeman Founders Reserve Ruby Porto

Taylor’s friend Alan gave us this wonderful port wine as a housewarming gift, and it is so good! The only reason I stopped drinking it is because my wine glass shattered (a casualty of the move, I’m considering it). Port wine is sweet, and Taylor and I really like it by itself, but I also like to have it with cheesecake. (Now, an excuse to buy some cheesecake!)

Booch Craft's Orange Pomegranate

Booch Craft’s Orange Pomegranate

Another hard kombucha?? Yes, and this one was good! I think this one tasted more like kombucha than Strainge Beast’s hard kombucha, but I’m not complaining. This one was light, and I didn’t really get a lot of pomegranate, as the kombucha has a strong flavor on its own, and the orange is a rather strong flavor. Still, a good one!

Kyla Hard Kombucha’s Lavender Lemonade

This last one is also a hard kombucha! Lavender Lemonade was more lemonade than lavender, which is a shame because I love lavender based drinks. But it wasn’t too sour or tart, just the perfect amount of sweetness. They have some other flavors that I really want to try, so I’m looking forward to those!

All the images are linked to the attachment page, if you want to see an enlarged version.

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