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What I Drank: May & June 2021 Recap

In my on going “What I Drank” series, I will talk about some alcoholic beverages that I had during the timespan, and provide a brief description and review of sorts. Here is what I had in May and June! There’s a lot more these two months because I bought the June cider box from NW Cider Club, and I went on a weekend getaway with some friends and did some wine-tasting!

SLO Brew’s Cali Squeeze Blood Orange Hefeweizen

I like hefeweizens because they’re light and give the right amount of buzz. This one was pretty good, and I love blood orange, but I have to say I couldn’t really taste the flavor of blood orange in there. I should’ve poured it into a glass to see if there was a beautiful red color, but I didn’t do that either. I have not had SLO Brew’s other Cali Squeeze flavors, so I can’t compare this flavor versus the other flavors either. Oops!

Booch Craft’s Grapefruit Hibiscus Hard Kombucha

Another month, another hard kombucha. And another one from Booch Craft! I like this one more than the Orange Hibiscus from the last post; the grapefruit was a stronger flavor than the orange for sure. Last time, I said I didn’t get too much of the hibiscus, however, and it was the same for this one as well. I think the orange one was more of a “generic” kombucha, but this one had a great grapefruit hint to them.

Strainge Beast’s Blueberry, Açai & Sweet Basil Hard Kombucha

Oh no, this one. I really wanted to like it; I really like blueberries and I love açai bowls, but this flavor… yech. There was simultaneously not enough good flavor and too much bad flavor. I think the issue I had with this may have been with the sweet basil; I’ve never had sweet basil before, but I assume, though it’s called “sweet” basil, it’s still more of a savory plant and that’s what added to the bad taste of this. However, the kombucha was a nice dark blue, purple-y shade, like blueberry drinks usually are, but I wish it tasted more like blueberry. I drank most of it, but I ended up discarding about the last 20%.

Flying Embers’ Pineapple Chili Hard Kombucha

I really liked this one! The pineapple flavor is definitely there, you can taste it. Obviously, the intriguing part of this flavor is the chili. The spice is not strong, you definitely get the sweet pineapple first, and then you get only a small, slight spicy feeling after.

Sun Pop’s Frozen Cocktails in Peach, Tropical and Strawberry

Taylor and I found these amusing, delicious, adult-Otter-Pops at Target, and they were so good. The pack we got was a mix of Peach, Tropical (which were coconut-y) and Strawberry. I only took a picture of my favorite one, peach. If I could get a box of just peach ones, that would be ideal. Strawberry and Tropical were both okay, but just not my preferred flavor.

Gilman Brewing Company’s Champ Rochaux

I bought this because it’s a nectarine saison! Nectarines are my second favorite stone fruit (first being mangoes), and I will buy anything that has nectarines in it! This was a nice saison, it wasn’t too alcoholic, but there wasn’t a lot of nectarine taste (however, nectarines do have a very subtle flavor). I would totally buy this again if just to support nectarines!

Blossom Barn Cidery’s Front Porch Perry

Perries are made from fermented pears and you can really taste the difference between this and an apple cider. I love pears way more than I like apples, so drinking this was a dream! It was not too strong, very tangy, and a really lovely with some popcorn!

Greenwood Cider’s – Barrel-Aged Dry

This had a kick to it! It was barrel-aged in whiskey barrels, and you could definitely taste the whiskey flavoring. It wasn’t bad but I definitely sipped at it, and since it was 500ml, I drank it in two sittings. I had it with gumbo that Taylor whipped up one day, and it went really well with that.

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Wine Tastings at St. Anne’s Crossing, VBJ Winery, and Ledson Winery

My friends and I took a quick weekend trip to Kenwood, California, and we went to some wineries in the area! All three wineries had some really good wine; St Anne’s had a grenache that I really loved, VBJ had a sauvignon blanc that was just lovely, and Ledson Winery had a viognier that was the perfect white wine for me and one of my friends!

All the images are linked to the attachment page, if you want to see an enlarged version.

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