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What I Drank: September and October 2021 Recap

In my on going “What I Drank” series, I will talk about some alcoholic and specialty beverages that I had during the timespan, and provide a brief description and review of sorts. Here is what I had in September and October! I usually

HenHouse Brewing Company’s Juiced! Guava

On a day trip to Oakland, my friend Julie and I ate at Drake’s Dealership and I had this delicious sour; it was very tasty and fruity! I enjoyed this one a lot.

Modern Times' Brain Vacation
Modern Times’ Brain Vacation (picture from Modern Times)

Modern Times’ Brain Vacation

On that same day trip to Oakland, I bought this at the Modern Times location and drank it at home. This was so nice because this is a low-calorie beer, and it was clear, so it was similar to a seltzer. This was also a really tasty, light drink.

Sauced Brewing Company’s Pig Head Red

I had this giant 20 oz. at dinner, foolishly thought I could finish the whole thing during dinner! It was huge. And I’m honestly not used to too many red ales, anymore, so it was a little much for me, but it was still good; nice and smooth and a perfect BBQ beer.

Pym Testing Lab’s X-Periment at California Adventure

Taylor and I took a trip down to Disneyland and California Adventure. One of my favorite drinks there was this X-Periment at California Adventure. It was tequila with mango and habanero syrup, and mango popping boba. Honestly, the boba could’ve been better, but I think the skin was a little thicker because it was in alcohol? Anyway, the boba could be improved on, but the drink itself was so food! Very sweet, and not super spicy, and I love my tequila.

Pym Testing Lab’s Particle Fizz at California Adventure

We also had this at California Adventure; it was not as good as X-Periment, but it was still tasty. It has Endless Summer Hard Seltzer (POG flavor) with cherry filled boba. Again, the boba… since this was basically hard seltzer with boba, the boba should’ve been better. You gotta learn from boba shops and how they get their popping boba so good.

Alma Cider’s Hopped

Honestly this was a pretty good cider, there wasn’t anything special to this cider. It was apple-y and pretty good alcohol content. It’s called Hopped, but I didn’t find this particularly hoppy.

Liberty Ciderworks’s Garratza

Phew, a beer I absolutely hated. I don’t know if I left it too long, but this was incredibly sour and tart and the flavor was just off. It was just too funky for me and I honestly didn’t think I’d ever say that.

Shipyard Brewing Company’s Smashed Blueberry

This was a very interesting beer. It was a dark beer, which is not what I was expecting, but I guess I should’ve since blueberries are very dark. It tasted like coffee and blueberries, and it’s not the best combination, but I didn’t hate it. I would love to try to something else from this company.

Elysian Brewing Company's Pumpkin Pack
Elysian Brewing Company’s Pumpkin Pack (picture from Elysian)

Elysian Brewing Company’s Pumpkin Pack

Taylor loves pumpkin beer, so we picked up this pack. We absolutely loved all the beers; our favorite was probably Punkaccino Coffee Pumpkin Ale, but they’re all equally good.

HenHouse Brewing Company’s Juiced! Kiwi Strawberry

It wasn’t until just now that I realized I had another Juiced! beer from HenHouse, the first being the first beer on this page, the Guava. I think I liked the Guava just slightly better; this one was good but I didn’t quite get any kiwi in there, and there was only a slight strawberry flavor.

Calicraft Brewing Company’s Tiki Time POG Wheat

I tried this at dinner out at Eureka; this was such a nice beer! A nice, light wheat beer with slight passionfruit-orange-guava notes.

King’s Fish House’s Pine Avenue

This was our second time at King’s Fish House; their drinks are really good, and I didn’t take a picture of the first one (nor did I document it, unfortunately, but this had such a nice presentation.

Boba Drinks

This time I decided to add some boba drinks! If they’re special, I’ll take a picture to document them.

Holy Sheep’s Holy Sheep Fruit Tea

Taylor and I visited this place on our trip to Southern California. The tea itself was very good; there were actual orange slices and fruit pieces in there, so it was good to have as a flavor savor. Additionally, there were chia seeds, which was nice to have as a crunch, and are a nice way to get protein with your drink and they will help you stay full longer. However, the best part was the packaging! The paper lid was A+ and it was a nice surprise when you put your straw in there, and the face got a nose. Amazing!

Lilikoi’s Unicorn Milk

This place opened up near us and we went to check it out. Taylor’s was really good, but I wanted to try the Unicorn Milk, which is corn juice with their signature cream, as well as some pretty coloring, which I think are from the froth that they have, ube and matcha. I thought it was a very pretty drink, and Taylor said it tasted like cereal milk, which has been so long since I had that! It was very good, and I drank it all very quickly.

All the images are linked to the attachment page, if you want to see an enlarged version.

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