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Planner Flip Thru: January & February 2021 (Cloth & Paper)


Hello all my buddies, this is Carmen, and I’m trying something new for my flip thrus this year! Sometime in 2020 I saw on Instagram the user “khimtan”, and he posted this video flip thru made from scans and I was inspired to do something similar! I’m going to try this all of 2021 for my flip thrus and previews. I will link his Instagram in the description.

Anyway! This is a picture I took of my planner for 2021. It is the Cloth and Paper 2021 Vertical Weekly Lined planner, and it was a gift from my friend Sowmya! This is the planner I will be using for the year.

Here’s the first spread, I started this before I knew I was going to be making a flip thru video, so there are some personal things I blacked out for privacy. I isolated four goals I wanted to complete for the month, as well as some goals for my planned Etsy release. I also wanted to start my blog over again, so I have on here some blog post ideas.

On the right, you can see a running to do list, I will transfer all the to-dos each month if they’re not done, that’s what those arrows mean.

You also see some stickers I am using, they are from a Michaels Recollections sticker set from a couple years ago that I want to use up, so all the stickers you see will be from that set. This is the exact set, but it has been discontinued so you won’t be able to find it on sale anymore except maybe by third parties. I’ve been meaning to use it for a while and just decided this year was the year since I have a year-long planner.

This next spread is the monthly spread. I didn’t really use this one, and to be honest, I don’t really use this at all except to plan my blog posts and video posts. On the left you see my “Done” list, which I saw someone do on Reddit or Instagram; they said they used it to track all the things they’ve done as a sort of reminder on days when you think you haven’t done anything, and I thought it was a good idea!

The next couple of spreads are the weekly spreads. I’ll just stay on them for a little while since they’re all the same. Basically each week there are three priorities that you set for yourself. Then, each day, I write my daily mindset, which I usually write my mood or something important, two or three goals I set for myself that day, and then reflect on how it went, usually the next day, when I start the cycle all over again.

Again, all the stickers are from that recollection set. I found the January stickers from that set really boring, just black and gold (which, the gold didn’t come out too well in the scans), or wood textured.

At the end of the month, there’s a little notes section. I’m not really good at using lined paper, so I’m not sure if I’ll be using this space regularly.

So, that was January, and here is February.

Same as before, except I knew I was probably going to do a flip thru video and so I kept all my personal dates and note off. I scanned this around mid-February, so I hadn’t gotten around to transferring to-dos just yet, but as you can tell, some items I’m still transferring to March. Mid-February was the time I found out I was moving at the end of the month, so I really had to start packing, so that’s where most of my focus was.

Here’s my monthly spread, all of these are little flowery sticky tabs from Daiso. They’re actually long, so I cut them all in thirds to use them on the spread. These are tracking my blog posts. As you can see, I still did a “Done” list on the side.

Here are the weeklies. The stickers this month were really red and pink, which are typical since Valentine’s Day is in February. As you can see, I scanned this on the 18th of February, since that is where all the writing stopped. For the last week, I have Post-Its for the things I have planned, for example, these are all the things I needed to pack for the move.

And that’s it! Let me know what you think of the video! This type of video has a lot more prep work to it, but I hope it will be easier for me in the long run. Thanks for watching everyone!

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